How Much Should a WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system and one of the most popular platforms for websites. Launched in 2006, WordPress now powers over 24 million websites across the globe. It is a reliable, open source tool which is completely free to use.

Often, the price of a WordPress platform will be determined by the hosting package that you choose. However, you should not be priced out of adopting a WordPress website just because you don’t have the money for expensive hosting. There are several hosting plans that come with a free starter version of WordPress that you can use to get started. Even if you decide to upgrade to a premium plan at a later date, you can always choose the free version when you set up your site again.

Basic Website Hosting

If you are looking for a basic, no-frills hosting solution for your WordPress site, you can use the free version of WordPress that comes with a shared hosting plan from a reliable web host such as Bluehost, GoDaddy or HostGator. These services are extremely affordable, especially when you consider that they provide world-class support and feature-rich software.

The catch is that shared hosting plans are highly susceptible to attacks from hackers and malware. If you are not comfortable with the security risks of using shared hosting, you can always opt for a dedicated hosting plan instead. With dedicated hosting, your website will be hosted on a server that is solely dedicated to your content. This type of plan offers the best of both worlds; you get the reliability of a shared hosting plan with the added benefits of increased security and speed.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are looking for an even higher degree of security and want to host your site on a dedicated server, you can opt for a semi-dedicated or fully dedicated hosting plan from a reputable web host. These types of plans provide you with an entire server that is completely dedicated to your content or business.

This type of hosting is usually cost-prohibitive and requires an extremely specific set of skills to set up and manage. Moreover, you will need to be sure that the web host you choose has the resources and ability to manage the demands of a fully dedicated server. Be sure to research the server capacity and flexibility before you make a decision.

Premium Hosting

If you are looking for the best of the best, you can opt for premium hosting which provides you with a faster, more secure and higher-performing website. The upside of premium hosting is that you get to choose your own hardware, install your own software and select your own domain names. This can make creating and maintaining your website much easier and more enjoyable.

However, premium hosting is not for everyone. If you are looking for a reliable platform that provides you with a large enough server that can handle all of your site’s traffic, the cost-effective choice is still shared hosting. Alternatively, you can opt for a free trial or discount offer from a reputable web host to see how premium hosting works.

Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for a free, hosted solution, you can opt for cloud hosting. This type of service provides you with a virtual environment where you can set up and run your WordPress website. Just like with dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting, you get to pick your own hardware, software and domain names. The only difference with cloud hosting is that all of the hosting activity takes place on remote servers which are operated by specialists. This type of hosting provides you with a flexible, scalable and secure solution.

So, if you are looking for an affordable, secure and convenient solution, cloud hosting is an option to consider. However, if you are looking to control every aspect of your website and want to have full access to your server’s console, you should consider opting for premium hosting. Nevertheless, cloud hosting is a viable option for those who want to keep their websites for personal use only and do not want to go down the dedicated or semi-dedicated route. It also provides you with the scalability to easily adapt to any traffic spike or decline.

SSL Secured Hosting

If you are looking for the best of the best and want to be sure that your website is as safe as possible, you can opt for secure SSL hosting. This type of hosting provides you with a fully encrypted connection when browsing to your site. The content that you enter on your site will be encrypted – neither you nor anyone else can read it unless the person downloading the content chooses to do so. This type of hosting is only available from premium web hosts and requires you to take a little more time to set up and manage. Nevertheless, the safety and security that SSL provides is well worth it.