Hosting 2016: Best Hosting for WordPress Site?

You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve launched your product, or service, and now it’s time to figure out where to host your website. The decision isn’t easy, there are so many hosting companies out there, all promising the world and more for your business. But how good are they really? We take a look at the best hostings for small business and WordPress sites, and how you can tell the difference between the good and the bad.

Which Hosting Company Is Right for My Business?

Every business is different, and so is the best hosting for your needs. Not all hostings are created equal, some are excellent for specific purposes, while others are best suited for general use. Below we discuss the pros and cons of some of the most popular web hostings.

The Big Two: Bluehost And

These two providers are almost always a top pick for any blogger or business owner because they’re so widely accepted and used. Bluehost is inexpensive, has great customer service, and offers some great features. is the official website of WordPress, and like Bluehost, offers reasonably priced plans with a ton of useful features.

Pro: Easy to Use

From setting up the hosting to choosing a domain name and installing WordPress, setting up your site with Bluehost or is a cinch. Both companies have automated tools and resources available 24/7 via chat, email, or phone to help you get up and running quickly.

Con: Limited Features

Although Bluehost and are easy to use, that doesn’t mean they are perfect for every business. If you’re looking for advanced features, security, and performance then you may want to consider another hosting company. You won’t find those things within Bluehost or, and you’ll have to pay extra for those features individually from another company.

Custom Domains

One of the best things about Bluehost and is that they allow you to register any domain you wish, including your own personal or business websites. If you already have a domain name that you want to use for your site, such as, you can easily set it up with Bluehost or And if you decide you want to switch to a new domain, or want to point your existing domain to a different place, such as youre-commerce store, they both let you do that easily as well. This ability to make changes on the fly is incredibly useful when you’re just starting out, or if your business is ever in need of a new direction.

With Bluehost and you have peace of mind in knowing that your domain is registered with a reputable company, and that should you ever encounter problems, their team are available to help you out. If you’re looking for a hosting company that takes your security seriously then check out Flywheel, Bluehost’s parent company.

More Than One Choice

The last thing any business wants is uncertainty when making important decisions about their operation. Thanks to the internet there are now dozens of web hosting companies to choose from, leaving you with a bit of a decision to make. If you’re looking for a simple solution then Bluehost and are great choices, or if you’re looking for something more secure and robust then you may want to consider other options as well. It’s important to research different hosting companies and learn about their features and functionality so you make the right decision for your business.