Call Button to Enhance Your WordPress Website’s Sales Funnel

In my last blog post, I showed you how to set up a simple Automated email campaign to grow your online store with limited resources. In the course of writing that article, I got a lot of awesome feedback from readers that helped me come up with some additional ideas to further grow your online store. One of the ideas that came up a lot was to add a call button to your WordPress website so that when your readers click it, they are automatically taken to a live chat or phone call with a human who can answer all their questions.

Why Should You Add a Call Button?

Firstly, having a live chat or phone call with a human being behind the counter is very appealing to people who prefer to avoid clicking on endless offers in their quest for sales. It’s also a great way to overcome buyers’ anxiety. If they’re a little hesitant, having a conversation with a human being can help put their minds at ease and get them to make a purchase.

Secondly, when someone opts in to have a call button activated on your website, you know they’re interested in your product or service. You can use that interest to your advantage by showcasing various offers and deals during the call.

How to Add a Call Button to Your WordPress Website

Before I get to the good stuff, let me just answer the question above. To cut to the chase, you want to add a call button to your website somewhere that makes sense and isn’t overly intrusive. Ideally, this will be somewhere in the sidebar, above the fold or at the bottom of a post. This is going to be most effective if the call button is adjacent to something the reader will naturally click on (such as an order button or download link).

If you decide to go the WordPress route, there are a number of ways you can add a call button without having to delve into code. I’ll walk you through each step so you can see exactly what’s going on.

First, You’ll Need an Order Button

If you decide to add a call button, you’ll need to have an order button somewhere on your site. When people click on this button, they’ll be taken to a form where they can enter their details and make a purchase or call you with questions. This is where you’ll earn your commission.

The great thing about this button is that it can be a clear and obvious call to action without being overbearing or distracting. When your readers see this simple yet effective button, they’re going to be much more likely to take action and perform the desired behavior (i.e., make a purchase or call you with questions).

Second, Add the Script

After you’ve got an order button, you’ll need to add the associated script. This will be relatively straightforward since you’re using a well-known and trusted platform (i.e., WordPress). Just visit the WordPress Codex page for the Reorder form and copy and paste the relevant snippets into your theme’s header. Then, test the form in your browser to make sure it works properly.

Next, Optionally, You Can Create a Free Account

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on advertising, you can create a free account on a variety of marketing platforms and use those to gain additional insight into how effective your call button is. For example, you could create a free account on Google Advertising Platform and use that to see detailed reports on the performance of your call button (e.g., what landing pages people are visiting after they’ve clicked the button).

If you decide this is a worthwhile experiment, be sure to read the terms of use and privacy policies of these platforms carefully before you create an account. Otherwise, you could end up sharing too much information with a third party and violating the privacy of your website’s visitors. Just keep in mind that the free trial periods on these platforms are usually very limited.

Now, You Can Add the Call Button

Once you’ve created all the necessary forms and tested them in your browser, you can add the call button itself to your site. To do this, navigate to Appearance, and then navigate to Widgets in the sidebar. Find the Reorder widget and drag it out of the box to create a spot for the call button (or live chat button).

You can name the call button anything you’d like, but make sure to keep the name consistent throughout the site (i.e., use the same name for all the buttons you create). Leave the remaining settings on the default settings and click on Add this widget to add the call button.

As you may have guessed, this widget will generate an invoice when someone clicks on it. To edit the text that appears on the invoice, click on the little pencil icon next to the word Invoice in the upper right corner.

Then, you can either click on the Change button to reveal the options or enter the necessary information directly into the text boxes.

Where should You Position the Call Button?

One of the vital things to consider when adding a call button to your WordPress website is where you position it relative to the rest of the page’s content. You don’t want to put it at the top of the page because then it’ll be tough for the average person to find. Instead, you could put it above the fold (i.e., at the top of the vertical space on the page) or below the fold (i.e., at the bottom of the vertical space on the page).

The great thing about putting the call button at the bottom of the page is that it makes it easy for the average person to find. When your readers click on it, they’re going to be presented with a list of options or a form to take them to a different page.

What Kind of Language Should You use On Your Website?

Along with the position of the call button, you need to consider the language used on your site. If you decide to opt for English as your language, that’s great! However, if you’re publishing in French or German, you may want to play it safe and use the English version of the sites you read regularly.

How to Automate the Call Process

Once you’ve positioned your call button and filled out the necessary information, you can start to automate the call process. To do this, navigate to Dashboard, then to Settings and make a note of the phone number you need to connect with. If you’re setting up a one-click order form with Paypal, you can also enter that number there.

Then, click Save Changes.

That’s it. Now, whenever someone clicks on the call button, they’ll be connected with your phone number via a call or live chat session. If you have a lot of traffic, getting a phone number is not as difficult as you might think. Just use a service like Google Voice. It’s free and can connect you with any phone number.

In the next blog post, I’ll show you how to create a simple landing page using WordPress to promote a webinar you’ll be hosting. So, stay tuned!