Add PDF to WordPress Website

Many people use PDFs (Portable Document Format) for documents such as magazines, newspapers, and books. And with good reason! For a digital document (or any document for that matter), PDFs are ideal in many ways. You get all the benefits of digital content without the hassles of actually handling physical goods. Furthermore, you can edit PDFs easily with software such as Adobe Acrobat and even send them to others via email if you want to. Lastly, you can read PDFs on many different devices such as your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. So if you’re looking for an easy way to provide your visitors with valuable information while simultaneously keeping control of the content, look no further! In this article, we’ll teach you how to incorporate PDFs into your WordPress website.

Step 1: Select The Best Location For The PDF

The first step to adding a PDF to your WordPress website is to decide where you’ll display it. You have two options here: either you’ll display it in a new window (called a popup window) or you’ll embed it into the blog post. Let’s discuss each option in turn.

Popup Window

If you choose to display a PDF in a popup window, the ideal place to do so is near the top of a blog post near the fold. This is the section of the blog post where the reader is most likely to scroll down to see the rest. Alternatively, you can place it near the top of a single page outside of the blog post. The important thing to keep in mind is that the reader should only need to click on one link (the PDF) to be directed to the content.


An embedded PDF is a PDF that is displayed along with the rest of the blog post or website content. The advantage of an embedded PDF is that the reader does not have to leave the page they’re on to access the content within the PDF. This way, the content within the PDF is not disrupted by other website content or a different web browser.

To properly embed a PDF, you’ll need to put it inside a block-level element (such as


). Additionally, you can use a <span> element to create a highlighted area around the content that links directly to the location of the PDF. Here’s an example of an embedded PDF with a link to the location of the document: