How to Add Online Building Material Ordering to Your Website in WordPress

One of the things I love about living in Canada is the variety of building materials you can order online. There are so many options when it comes to tiles, vinyls, carpets, etc. So, when I started thinking about adding some extra features to my website, I had a clear picture in mind of all the different materials I could choose to order.

I knew there would be plenty of work involved, but I also knew that I could do this with WordPress. It’s a content management system (CMS) which is extremely powerful and user-friendly. Moreover, there are tons of plugins that can be added to WordPress to make your experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. I’m going to walk you through the process of adding online building material ordering to your WordPress website so you can start creating your ideal home even sooner than you think!

The Idea

I’ve always liked the idea of ordering materials online for my home projects. I like the fact that you can get everything done in a few hours and you don’t have to go from store to store searching for the right product. You can also check out different categories and choose what you want without having to browse through endless pages. So, when I decided to add this feature to my website, I did some research and discovered there’s actually a lot of work involved in making this dream a reality.

Step one: Find the right service

The very first step towards adding an online building material store to your WordPress website is to find a trusted and reliable service that offers this option. There are tons of companies out there, but not all of them are created equal. You want to ensure the company you choose offers good quality products and services and is a trustworthy source for your home renovation projects. Moreover, you want to ensure they have good reputations among their customers. You can find reputable companies by doing a quick internet search for reviews or checking out their websites. If reviews are unavailable, look for other ways to get a sense of their quality. For example, their pricing may be reasonable or they might have an exceptional return policy. These are just a few of the countless ways you can assess a company’s quality before making a purchase.

Step two: Set up a merchant account with the processor

The second step once you’ve found a trusted company is to set up a merchant account with the processor. A processor is an individual or company that facilitates the transaction between a merchant (business that owns a store) and a customer (individual who owns a bank account). You’ll need to provide the processor with your bank details, the website URL, and any other information they request. You’ll also need to read and agree to the merchant agreement before the processor will set up an account for you. This step is critical; it’s where you enter the necessary information so the processor can connect your bank account to the store. If you skip this step, you’ll either have to do all your online shopping with a different account or pay fees to the processor to re-establish your connection to your bank account. Either way, this step is a pain and could eat into your profits.

Step three: Install Google Shopping

After your merchant account is set up with the processor, you can finally start installing Google Shopping.

Google shopping is a tool that lives inside Google Search and provides a quick and easy way to find any product you want. When you type in a search term (e.g., tile cleaner), you’ll see a range of products (most likely from various websites) at the top of the results page. If you click on any of these products, you’ll be taken to that website where you can read more information about the product and place an order if you want. While this might seem like an easy option to add an online building material store to your site, it actually requires a bit of work. You’ll need to create a Google web store where you can display your products (tiles, vinyls, carpets, etc.) and connect it to your existing Google merchant account.

How can you make sure your Google Merchant account is connected to the right product database? You can create an account on and use their “one-click import” tool to bring over all your product information from Google Shopping. This will make the whole process of adding an online building material store to your site much simpler.

Step four: Customize the design of your store

Now that everything is set up and you have a functioning Google merchant account, you can finally start customizing the design of your store. You can do this by editing the HTML code of the web page. With WordPress, this is fairly easy to do. There are tons of themes and plugins that can be used to make your site look the way you want it to. Moreover, you can use a wide range of the available WordPress themes and plugins to choose from. This step is fairly time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Step five: Test the waters

Once you’ve customized the design of your store and added your products, it’s time to test the waters. This is simply a way of saying “I’m feeling very adventurous today, so I’m going to give this new feature a shot and see how it works.” Once you’ve set up a working Google merchant account, it’s fairly straightforward to test adding an online building material store to your site. You can do this by simply ordering a product that you’ve seen advertised on TV or read about in a magazine. If everything goes well, you can continue to use this feature on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’ll need to go back to step one and start over again.

WordPress makes it very easy to add an online building material store to your site. However, you must have the will to make this happen. It will require a bit of work and a small commitment from your side, but if you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to add this feature with very little effort.