How to Attach WordPress to a Wix Website

There is a vast array of free and premium hosting providers, and it can be a little overwhelming to know where to begin your search for the best one. That’s where we come in. We’ll tell you about the various features that each type of hosting package offers, along with some pros and cons of each one to make it simpler for you to figure out which is the best for your needs. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which hosting provider is the ideal choice supporting your WordPress website.

Features To Look For In A WordPress Hosting Package

When searching for a new web host, you’ll come across a wide array of features that each one offers. But not all of these features are created equal, and you should only use a host that offers the features that you need to succeed as a business. Here is a short list of what you should look out for in a WordPress hosting package.

1. Scalability

Scalability is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the web host. For a business, scalability is a term used to describe the ability to rapidly increase the size of your site (i.e. the amount of content that you can add) without encountering any technical complications. When searching for a web host, make sure that they offer scalable solutions, as this will likely be one of the most important factors to consider.

2. Availability

It would be negligent of us not to mention the importance of the availability of a web host when discussing scalability. When your web host is down, you can’t update your site, and your visitors start wondering why the website is so sluggish. So it’s vital that your selected hosting provider has a decent uptime record. However, even if they offer high availability, it doesn’t mean that all of their servers are always functioning at peak efficiency, so you should research their current status beforehand to avoid any delays.

3. Speed

The speed at which your site loads is also an important factor to consider when choosing a web host. If you’re running a business, you don’t want to spend too much time waiting for pages to load because you’re losing money and/or customers due to sluggish performance. On the other hand, if you have a personal website that you mainly use to entertain yourself, loading speed is typically not as important because you won’t be bogged down by the site loading slowly on your phone. When choosing a web host, always compare their speed against that of similar websites. Even if their speed seems amazing, you should still do your own benchmarks to see if that really is the case.

4. Performance

The performance of a web host is also an important factor to consider when choosing one. This is the overall efficiency of their hardware and software when serving websites. Similar to speed, the performance of a host will vary based on what they use, but it is still important to consider. For instance, if you’re looking for a dedicated server, make sure that their hardware is up to date and performing well. Also, avoid getting a shared hosting plan if you’re looking for high performance. In most cases, the performance of a shared hosting will significantly lag behind that of a dedicated server. The more you pay for, the higher the performance of the server, so if you’re looking for a cheap yet high-performing solution, consider opting for a shared hosting plan.

5. Security

Security is an always-important factor to consider when choosing a web host, and this is even more vital if you’re getting one that you don’t know very much about. Even if you trust the people behind the web host, there is always the chance that they will try to steal your money or data. Therefore, it’s important that you find a hosting provider that offers security through their server software and/or their physical security. Using a shared hosting plan for your website can also be a security risk if you’re not careful, so make sure that you’re not sharing any sensitive information with anyone. If you need an inexpensive yet extremely secure option, consider using a VPN to connect to the internet when using public wifi. This will add an extra layer of security that is extremely difficult to crack. Unfortunately, using a VPN always has a few drawbacks, so make sure that you’re aware of these before you opt for this method.

6. Features

One of the many things that make a host attractive is the various features that they offer. A feature-rich host usually means that they have a huge team of developers working hard to make their product as versatile and functional as possible. Some of the more prominent features that you may find in a feature-rich host are automated backups, free domain name registration, free backups, etc. Of course, you won’t find every single one of these features on all hosting plans, but it’s a good sign that they offer many of them if you’re looking for a versatile platform.

7. User Support

This factor is fairly self-explanatory, but user support is vital if you’re getting your website up and running. If you’re planning on using WordPress, and you’re not familiar with web design or coding, chances are you’ll have a difficult time fixing problems that arise from lack of knowledge. WordPress itself is a very popular content management system, and it’s one of the most prevalent reasons why people opt for a hosting plan. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your user support needs, consider opting for a hosting provider that offers live chat support, email support, and a FAQ section on their website. These are all extremely useful in providing guidance and setting up your WordPress site without any complications.

Choosing a web host is not an easy task, as there are a lot of options out there that claim to be the best. However, with the right research and due diligence, you can find a hosting provider that offers the features that you need at a very affordable price. Remember, not all features are created equal, so it’s important to look for what is most useful to you as a business owner or online content creator. Keep this in mind as you make your decision, and you’re sure to find the best hosting plan available.