How to Host a WordPress Website on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Launched in 2005, the site allows users to submit articles and link to news and blog posts, as well as organize user-generated content through “subreddits”. With over 500 million monthly active users as of January 2020, it’s clear that WordPress can be used to host a successful website on Reddit.

Step one: Pick a niche

In its simplest form, Reddit is a place to share content that is relevant to others. For example, if you are passionate about lifestyle, you could create a blog post about the latest fashion trends or share an article about style tips. These are both totally appropriate subjects to blog about and will appeal to an audience on Reddit.

The thing with Reddit is that there is so much competition. You will inevitably run into other people who are also trying to gain popularity on the platform. If your chosen topic is already popular on Reddit, this will make it much easier for you to gain traction. Before you know it, you are reading your blog post on the front page of Reddit or have thousands of new subscribers eager to read your next article.

Step two: Set up a WordPress blog in a niche-related subreddit

If you choose to blog about fashion, you will want to set up a WordPress blog in a fashion-related subreddit. When you do this, you are essentially renting space on the platform to promote your blog. When people discover your blog through a link on Reddit, they will come to your site and read your latest articles (called “posts” in WordPress language).

For a long time, WordPress has been dominated by bloggers who write about personal experiences. Though this is still a popular choice, it is not the only way to go about blogging. Instead, you could write about a fashion trend affecting your country or write about a new type of clothing that you have tested out. These are all totally valid topics that will make for interesting reads.

Step three: Use relevant hashtags

Another important thing to do if you want to get your blog discovered by the right audience is to use relevant hashtags in your posts’ titles and in your photo’s description. When someone searches for a hashtag on Reddit, their search will be tailored to show content that is relevant to them. In other words, if you have used the hashtag #fashun on Instagram, when someone searches for this hashtag on Reddit, they will see your blog post about fashion trends.

You can also take advantage of the “popular” button that appears at the end of every article on Reddit. If a post gets a lot of praise from other users, the “popular” button will turn yellow to signify the sentiment.

Step four: Use compelling copy

Finally, none of this would be useful if your content was not good. Everyone likes to read a good story, whether its a personal experience or a bit of trivia. To attract readers and encourage them to subscribe, you could write a compelling story about a product that you’ve tried or an experience that you’ve had related to your blog topic.

Good storytelling will draw in your audience and make them engage with you and your blog.

With these tips, you can start your own WordPress blog and in no time at all, you will have a functioning site that you can use to share your expertise with the world.