Best WordPress Theme for Hosting Companies?

I bet you’re wondering what kind of theme is best suited for a hosting company. Let’s take a look, shall we?


The best overall theme for a hosting company is one that is extremely clean. When we say clean, we mean it. You should be able to tell right away when you land on a website whether it is going to be well-designed or not because if it’s clean and sleek, it’ll be easy on the eye. With no extra ornamentation or decoration, you’re left with a clear picture of what the website is supposed to look like. This is important because oftentimes, clients will visit a company’s website and have no idea what they’re looking at. If the theme is good, however, they’ll most likely have a good idea of what the site is about and will be able to navigate it easily.


If you’re looking for a theme that is modern and up to date, go with either one of the popular blog themes such as TwentyThree or Minimal Blog. These themes were made with a sleek and clean look in mind, so they are exactly what you need for a hosting company. They’re also easy to use and set up, so even if you’re not a tech guru, you’ll have no trouble using them to create a functional website. If you decide against using either of those two themes, check out the Solstice theme. It is a clean and modern theme that is suitable for any business.


If you want something that is bright and vibrant, go with the Visual Composer theme. This is an excellent choice because it comes with a live wallpaper integrated into the theme, which adds a pop of color to your website. That’s not all, though. The theme also offers a full-screen overlay that will make any website it hosts stand out. This theme is great for attracting new customers and strengthening your relationships with existing ones.

Compatible With All Major Browsers

The last thing anyone needs is a broken website because of some sort of conflict with a major browser. For this reason, it’s best to go with a theme that is compatible with all major browsers. If it’s not, you’ll need to make sure that your web host is supporting the most recent version of one of the major browsers, lest you encounter a problem. Some good choices in this regard are the Thrive or the Nifty themes. They are both compatible with all major browsers, offer a variety of customization options, and have high conversion rates.


If you’re creating a mobile-friendly website, you’ll want to go with either the Avada or the Thrive themes. The former is a premium theme that was designed for mobile viewers in mind and offers them a great experience while on the go. The latter is a free theme that was built with the mobile user in mind and offers an optimized experience across various devices. Not only does it look great on a phone but also on a tablet. In addition, the Thrive theme is compatible with all major mobile browsers, so you don’t have to worry about it not working on certain devices. Finally, do not underestimate the power of mobile friendliness because according to Google, 73% of internet searches are now performed on mobile devices. That’s a massive number!


If you’re looking for a theme that is secure, go with the Avada theme. This is especially beneficial if you have a security-related business and want to ensure that all online transactions are secure. The theme also offers the option of two-step verification, which will further strengthen your online security.

Translation Ready

Since many people speak more than one language, you will want to go with a theme that is translation ready. If your website is going to be available to a global audience, speak to your web host and ask if they offer any kind of translation services. If they don’t, you’ll need to find a freelancer to help out with translation, particularly of content that you create using an automated translation tool like Google Translate.

SEO Optimized

Just like mobile friendliness, SEO (search engine optimization) is also important – a lot of people browse the web looking for products or services they might need, and these people are typically found through SEO. For this reason, it’s important to go with a theme that is optimized for SEO. The best way to do this is to use the SEO tools that come with the theme or plug-in it uses. The Avada theme is optimised for SEO and comes with some great tools that will make establishing a presence on the web much easier. If you use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance, you’ll also be able to see how SEO-friendly your theme is and make any necessary adjustments. Some great tools that come with the Avada theme are:

  • SEO Checker – use this tool to make sure your website’s content is optimized for SEO
  • SEOToolbox – with this tool, you can easily optimize your website’s content for SEO
  • SEO Avatar – use this tool to build a digital avatar for your website’s SEO profile
  • SEO Wizard – this tool lets you easily create campaigns for major search engines such as Google and Bing
  • XML Sitemap – use this tool to create an XML sitemap for your website so Google can find and index your content easily
  • Robots.txt – use this file to instruct search engine robots on what not to index on your website


Since 2014, Google has been steadily enhancing its search algorithm to favor responsive websites over single-purpose websites. In other words, if your website works well on various devices, it will likely rank higher in search results than if it only worked on one type of device. For this reason, it’s important to go with a theme that is responsive because when a user lands on your website, they expect to see it display well on their device. If it doesn’t display well across various devices, they will likely leave.

Now, you might be wondering where do I start? We suggest that you use one of the top WordPress resource websites that can guide you through the whole process of finding the best theme for your needs. With so much information and help at your fingertips, setting up a new website won’t seem so daunting anymore, will it? Thank you for reading! We hope this article has helped you in your quest to find the best WordPress theme for your needs.