How to change Author in WordPress

Have you ever thought about editing the writer’s name from a WordPress post? However, you aren’t sure how to do this. There could be several reasons for change author in WordPress post. Maybe your former writer left your department. And, you need to update one of his posts written by someone else and add the new author’s […]




How to Turn Off PHP Errors in WordPress

PHP error messages are important for developers to learn about issues on the website. So, it helps them resolve these issues immediately. However, these notifications show up for all website visitors over the web. This makes the WP website look very unprofessional. Naturally, you don’t want that. In this post, we help you learn how to turn[…]




How To Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

Facing RSS feed issue on WordPress? Here’s a tutorial to help you resolve this issue and help your viewers get updates about your content. The RSS feed of your website makes it easy for subscribed users to access your website’s content and everything related to it through a newsreader app. RSS feeds use XML language and even[…]