How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress: Syntax Error Unexpected

WordPress syntax error is a common error to see, especially if you’re a beginner. Just like other cases, WordPress too demands right coding. On finding a wrong one, it can’t process what it is supposed to. This is where you see a message on the screen saying, “Syntax error, unexpected…” In case you’re getting one, here’s a […]




How To Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

Facing RSS feed issue on WordPress? Here’s a tutorial to help you resolve this issue and help your viewers get updates about your content. The RSS feed of your website make it easy for subscribed users to access your website’s content and everything related to it through a news reader app. RSS feeds use XML language and[…]




How To Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

It’s very common when users face a WordPress not sending email issue. The problem shows up when you experience an issue with the contact form plugin on your WordPress not sending your email notification. In this post, we’ll help you learn how to fix WordPress not sending email issue and get your email and other communications delivered[…]




How to Fix Internal Server Error on WordPress Website

It’s very weird that the 500 internal server error shows up on an unexpected time and you’re left confused how to get back to your WordPress website just like before. Although it’s common issue but it affects your website’s credibility and viewership. No one wants that for their business. If you think it takes a very detailed[…]




How to Fix Sidebar below Content Error in WordPress

Many users, especially beginners, report that their sidebar drops below their content on WP posts and pages. So, this WordPress issue is more prevalent than you think. Don’t worry! Just like other WordPress issues, this one also has reliable fixes. In this post, we help you know how to fix sidebar below content error in WordPress on[…]




How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Your post thumbnail is one of the first impressions (along with the catchy title) that’s going to fetch you clicks on your blog post. So, it’s natural you don’t want to mess it up. However, sometimes due to some technical errors, WP users see an incorrect thumbnail on their WordPress post while sharing it on Facebook. Here’s[…]




How To Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

No matter how popular and convenient WordPress is, it’s full of annoying issues you must get rid of as quick as possible. One of these issues is when WordPress keeps logging out. Users feel clueless about why their website is logging them out of their admin dashboard and preventing from making any changes. There are many reasons[…]




How to Fix Your Website Stuck in WordPress Maintenance Mode

WordPress is smooth until you get stuck in those annoying errors that won’t seem to vanish. Don’t worry; it happens with other CMS platforms too. However, the specific issue with your website stuck in WordPress maintenance mode is exclusive to WordPress only. Needless to say, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to resolve this error.[…]




How To Fix WordPress Not Uploading Images Issue

Your WordPress isn’t showing images? This issue is not new but it’s certainly very annoying. In fact, when beginners find their WordPress not uploading images, their first reaction is of confusion. No matter how many times you refresh, the image doesn’t show up. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to get rid of this problem on your own.[…]