How Many Websites Can Be Run on Managed WordPress Hosting?

When deciding to build a website, there are many factors that you need to consider, including how you want the structure of the site to look, branding, content strategy, and so much more. Once you have decided what you want, you need to choose a platform and host to create it on. There are numerous benefits to using managed WordPress hosting, which we will discuss, but at the end of the day, your decision will come down to how many websites you can run on the platform.

The Ability To Create Unlimited Websites

Although this might sound like an obvious point to make, the ability to create unlimited sites on a WordPress platform is arguably one of the biggest selling points of managed WordPress hosting. As the name would suggest, managed WP hosting allows you to manage the platform and provides you with the tools to build and maintain your website as you see fit. Typically, you would use one of the many WordPress themes that are completely free to download and use to build your website, and you can even take advantage of the many plugins that are also free to use with your site.

WordPress is the world’s #2 content management system, as it currently stands, with over 27.5 million websites built on the platform. The CMS has continued to grow in popularity, as it is easy to use, gives creators the freedom to build virtually any type of website they can think of, and most importantly, it is completely free. Because of this last point, we’ll discuss a few alternatives to managed WordPress hosting later in this article.

Secure And Stable Environment

Websites are generally accessed through a browser, which means that they are open to the public and susceptible to hacks and data breaches. Because managed WordPress hosting is hosted on managed servers and you are given full root access to the platform, you have the ability to install any type of security software you want, such as WAF, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, and more. Additionally, the environment in which the platform is hosted is stable and secure, as it is monitored by the parent company behind the service, which has offices around the world.

Fast Loading Speed

The loading speed of your site matters. Nobody has time to wait all day long for a website to load, especially not when there are so many other sites that you can visit. When people log into your site, they expect it to load quickly; otherwise, they might as well have stayed at home, where it was faster to load the first place. According to studies, WordPress-powered websites rank higher and perform better than those built with other platforms, simply because users have fewer negative experiences with the CMS.

To achieve lightning fast page loads, you need a fast-loading web host. When it comes to this, managed WordPress hosting is certainly your best choice, considering that you are getting the platform and all of its bells and whistles for free. Not only does the service give you an unlimited number of sites, but it also caches your content and serves it from remote locations, depending on your caching needs. This means that even when someone visits your site for the first time, it will load quickly because previously cached content is served instead of having to load all of the pages from scratch each time.


If you’ve ever tried to use another content management system (CMS) to build your website, then you know that getting a functional, user-friendly website that looks the same on all platforms can be a real chore. With WordPress, it’s all about plugins and the basics: create a page, put a blog post in it, and you’re good to go. There are literally hundreds of free and premium plugins that can be used to enhance your content strategy and make the platform even more user-friendly. Additionally, as a user, you can contribute to the open source CMS, which is an amazing opportunity to impact the future of the platform and make your site even more functional.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around because it is simple to use and offers a variety of features. Because it is one of the most popular platforms, there are dozens of free themes and plugins that can be used to create a fully functioning website with virtually no effort at all. Not only that, but because the parent company behind the platform offers a money-back guarantee and there is an active community of volunteers and contributors, people who want to build websites for the fun of it can and often do create quick, easy, and functional sites for clients or for their own needs, using the WordPress platform.

As you see above, all of these benefits make WordPress the clear choice when it comes to managed web hosting. As a side note, as mentioned above, the ability to create an unlimited number of sites is a major selling point of the service, and although most people use it to build blogs, websites can also be created for all types of purposes, as long as there is content to post. Additionally, if you are looking for a free, open source CMS that can help you build your website, then you have come to the right place.