How to Build a WordPress Website with Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a free and open-source eCommerce solution developed by WordPress that allows you to create online stores for selling your products and services with just a few clicks. It was originally designed for WordPress, but it also works with other content management systems such as Joomla! and Drupal.

WooCommerce has a vibrant community that regularly contributes new features and fixes bugs. Plus, the team at WooCommerce always keeps up with the times by releasing new and improved versions regularly.

Get Started With The Basics

Before you start building your first online store using WooCommerce, you’ll need to have a WordPress website. You can create a free account at and use the WordPress dashboard to get started with the basics.

You’ll need to install WordPress on your own server. You can run into issues with your hosting provider if you try to install WordPress in a public-facing area. Ideally, you’ll want to install it in a private blog space.

You’ll also need to have a PayPal account in order to use the PayPal express checkout option when selling your goods on your store. You can get a free account at

Install WooCommerce On Your WordPress Site

Once you have a WordPress site with content, you can install WooCommerce on it with just a few clicks. At this point, you’ll be looking at the WordPress dashboard>under the Plugins section.

Click on the Add New button to reveal all the available WooCommerce plugins. From there, you’ll want to install the “WooCommerce” plugin by clicking on the green checkmark next to its name.

You can configure the plugin’s options from here. The most basic of these settings is the location of your online store. You can store your website in either your public_html directory or in a subdirectory.

You’ll then need to set the general URL of your website (e.g., or and the names of your store’s categories and attributes. Finally, you’ll need to configure your store’s shipping addresses and methods as well as its pricing.

When you’re finished, you can click on the Publish button to activate the plugin and to show you’ve installed it.

Create a PayPal Account For Your Store

Setting up a PayPal account for your store is easy and only takes a few minutes. At this point, you can follow the prompts to create your account.

You’ll then need to link this account to your WooCommerce store. To do this, you’ll need to copy the store’s unique “Publishable ID” from the Settings tab of your WooCommerce store and paste it into the “PayPal Account” section of your PayPal account.

You can then log back into your WooCommerce store and switch to the Customers section. On the right, you’ll see the green Pay Now button. When a customer clicks it, they’ll be taken to PayPal to make a payment.

Sell Your Products OnLINE

With your PayPal account set up, you can begin selling your products online. To start, you’ll need to visit the WooCommerce store’s online store. You can do this using the general URL of your store (e.g., or or by clicking the Store icon on the WordPress dashboard. For instance, if you want to sell dresses on your blog, you can use the following URL to reach the WooCommerce store:

When you reach the store’s home page, you’ll see a list of your recently published products along with the option to add new products. To add a new product, simply click on the Add New button.

You’ll then see a form displaying all the available product attributes. These are the things you can use to uniquely identify and display a product. For instance, the color, style, size, and material of a product are all attributes that can be used to distinguish one product from another.

These attributes can be used to create custom product lists based on your needs. For example, if you want to display all the red products, you can create a list called “Red Products” and use that list to display your products.

When you’ve added your product to the cart, you can preview its price and shipping options before you commit to a purchase. You can also login to your PayPal account at any time from here to see the status of your orders and to review any transactions you may have made in the past.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve ever sold physical products online, then you know how challenging it can be to earn a decent amount of money from product sales. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to make a decent living online — through affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you simply need to sell a product or service that another company owns and promotes. When a customer clicks a link to the advertiser’s website from your affiliate-linked content (e.g., an article or a product review) you’ll earn a small commission.

For example, if Linkedin owns and promotes a course on social media marketing, you could write an article telling readers how to effectively use social media for marketing. Then, you could include a few affiliate links inside the article that will take readers to marketing courses on social media hosted by leading platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

When someone clicks one of these affiliate links and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small commission. In this example, you’d earn a small commission for every product purchased through your affiliate link.

You can use affiliate marketing to make money online without needing to build an online store. Simply find a product or service that you believe in and are passionate about and then write about it. Make sure to include a few affiliate links so that you can begin earning commissions at the click of a button.

WooCommerce makes it easy to get started with affiliate marketing. All you need is a WordPress website, a PayPal account, and a bit of copywriting skill.

How To Monetise Your Hobby Blog

If you’re passionate about something in particular, whether it’s art, fashion, or beauty, you can use that interest to your advantage and earn some money online. You can do this through various affiliate marketing opportunities that exist online.

For instance, if you love drawing and want to make money from your hobby, you can use a free online tool called Procreate to turn your drawings into high-quality printouts. You can then promote these printouts as a way to make money online. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small commission.

Similarly, if you love to sew and design clothes, you can use the online pattern company Paddle to make your own patterns available for sale. When someone buys a pattern from you directly, you’ll earn a small commission. You can then use this income to fund your fashion hobby.

Manage Multiple Shops From One Place

If you’re the creative type, you might want to use your artistic skill to your advantage and run an online shop. But to keep things simple, you can use the free WooCommerce Multiple Shops plugin to manage all your stores from one location.

This plugin allows you to set up multiple shops from the same WordPress site. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small commission. You can then use this income to fund your multiple shops.

Make Money With Surveys And Giveaways

Although not everyone wants to sell their products online, many people enjoy earning extra cash through surveys and giveaways.

To get started, create a Facebook account and then visit the Get Paid page. From here, you can easily find opportunities that pay you to take surveys and enter giveaways. Simply click on a button to get started.

You can use your free time to earn money with surveys and giveaways or to enter monthly prize drawings where you can win money to buy your favourite brands of goods.

WordPress and Woocommerce make it easy to get started, and the various ways you can earn money online simply through affiliate marketing and product sales make it easy for even the non-tech-savvy to participate.