7 Ways to Transfer the Content of Your Website to WordPress

It is extremely common for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and bloggers to have websites. Whether you are just starting out or you are already in the middle of a successful blog, you will almost certainly have a website of some kind. As the purpose of a website is to provide content for others, it is natural that you will want to migrate the content of your website to WordPress, a platform that is extremely popular among bloggers.

Learn to Code

If you are technologically inclined and have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can learn to code and build your own WordPress website. The only catch is that this will take a lot of time. You will have to find a mentor or join a community to be able to learn this new skill set and become a WordPress expert. Nevertheless, this is a skill that you can leverage to create pretty much any kind of website that you might want. There are plenty of resources online, such as Treehouse, that can help you learn the technical aspects of building a website.

Use a CMS

One of the simplest ways for you to create a WordPress website without learning how to code is to use a content management system (CMS). Some of the most popular ones are Wix, Squarespace, and GitHub. Using a CMS makes it incredibly easy for anyone to launch a website, as all you need is an email address and a password to get started. Once you are logged in, you can start adding content by dragging and dropping pages from a library or by writing HTML and CSS yourself. After you are done adding content, you can simply go back and publish your website.

The great thing about using a CMS is that all the code that makes up the site is already built and optimized for SEO. Plus, whenever you make a change to the content on your website, it will automatically update the SEO and improve your rankings in the search engines. It is important to keep in mind that you should only use a CMS for creating websites that you plan on keeping live. If you are looking for a blogging platform or a simple website that you plan on updating rarely, then you should not use a CMS. If you are looking for a simple way to build a quick website without any coding skills, then you should definitely consider using a CMS.

Use an Email Marketing Service

Email marketing has been around for ages and is still extremely popular among businesses and bloggers alike. This is mainly because email marketing allows you to communicate with customers without having to pay for each individual email. As a result, you can stay in touch with customers without having to constantly refresh your inbox every day for new messages. Some of the most popular email marketing platforms are MailChimp, HubSpot, and Airtime.

If you use one of these platforms, you can easily create and send emails that contain compelling offers, important information, and updates about new products and services. You can also use these platforms to grow and nurture your email list.

Get a Link to Your Site from Other Blogs

Another way to easily and quickly transfer the content of your website to a WordPress blog is to get a link to your site from other blogs. As a matter of fact, one of the simplest ways to do this is to get linked up with a fellow blogger. You can then get your blog’s links to point to your website, which will subsequently improve your search rankings. When other blogs link to your website, it means that others are finding value in what you have to offer. When other blogs find value in your content, this will cause your search rankings to increase.

OR Try Building A Template

If you are looking for an even easier way to build a WordPress website, you can always try your luck at building a template. Building a template is like making a formula or a tool that other bloggers can use to create their very own websites with content that you have built in some other platform. While building a template is a lot of work, you can always find people who will be willing to help you out for free. Some of the most popular templates include Elementor, Gutenberg, and Canva.

If you decide to go down this route, it is imperative to note that you should only ever build templates or use existing templates for blogs or websites that you plan on keeping live. If you are simply using a template to generate blog posts or press releases, then you should not use a template, as you can simply write the content yourself. When you use a template to generate content, it is essential that you review the code to ensure that everything works as intended before you upload it to your website.

OR Use An Audio Player

Like email marketing, audio plays an important part in connecting with today’s audience. If you have an entertaining podcast or an audio blog, then you can use an mp3 player such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify to allow your audience to listen while they are doing other things. When someone visits your website and decides to subscribe to your podcast, you can use a tool like Hello Fresh to send them regular emails with exciting news and content from your podcast.

Using an mp3 player to host your podcast is extremely easy to do and can be built in less than five minutes. You can then use a tool like Anchor to integrate your podcast with your website. If you decide to go this route, you should ensure that the majority of your podcasts’ content relates to your niche or interest area. However, you should not worry about making your podcasts too similar, as similar podcasts often perform better than those that are too different. When you use similar language and ask questions that your audience is already asking, this will make your podcast easier to digest and more relatable to your audience.

OR Try Video

Like with audio, video plays an important part in connecting with today’s audience. Thanks to the rise of TikTok, video has become extremely popular and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If you have a compelling story to tell or an important point to make, then video will allow you to do so. When someone decides to visit your website and watches one of your videos, this will cause them to stay on your site for longer and subsequently consume more content.

There are plenty of platforms like YouTube that you can use to upload and share video content. You can also use tools like Vidyard and Infober to create and distribute videos through social media. If you decide to go this route, be sure to tell your viewers how they can contact you via email or phone. The more you can do to make your videos stand out, the more clicks and views they will receive.

With so much content appearing on social media every day, standing out among the noise can be difficult. If you want to increase the reach of your content, then you should consider creating video blogs or vlogs. These are videos that you upload to social media platforms like TikTok, where they can be accessed by a wider audience. The great thing about a video blog or a vlog is that they can be relatable and entertaining, while also being informative and thought provoking.


As you can see, there are several ways that you can easily and quickly transfer the content of your website to a WordPress blog. If you have a small or medium sized business, then you can use these methods to quickly get up and running with a functional, compelling website. Once you are up and running with a functional, compelling website, you can then consider taking the time to grow and nurture your audience.