Can You Use WordPress with InMotion Hosting?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) around. With a community of over 35 million users, it’s clear that this platform satisfies a need for millions of websites worldwide.

It’s popularity means that there are plenty of hosting providers that offer the service, allowing anyone to build a WordPress site for free.

However, not all hosting providers are created equal, and not all will provide the same quality of service for your WordPress site. If you’re looking to host your site on the move, or are thinking about switching your hosting provider, you should definitely take a close look at InMotion Hosting.

In this article, we’ll explore whether InMotion Hosting is a reliable choice for your WordPress site, and whether you’ll be able to take advantage of the service’s many features.

Features Of InMotion Hosting

The features of InMotion Hosting will make a significant difference to your experience as a WordPress user. Not only will you be able to utilize advanced features like WordPress multisite and VPN to maintain anonymity when publishing content, you’ll also benefit from a plethora of plugins and tools that can enhance the functionality and appearance of your site.

One of the key selling points of InMotion Hosting is that the service provides a free backup and restoration tool known as Clients from Beta. This feature allows you to create a fresh copy of your site in case something goes wrong.

Further to this, InMotion Hosting does away with the concept of shared hosting and delivers dedicated servers to its customers. This approach provides you with far greater control over the performance of your website, and the opportunity to access advanced features like SSH and Virtual Private Network (VPN) for free. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable web host that provides a wealth of features, we highly recommend InMotion Hosting.

Quality Of Service (QoS)

When we talk about hosting providers, especially those that provide shared hosting, we often refer to the quality of the service they offer. InMotion Hosting claims to be the #1 web host provider in the industry, and for good reason. Not only do they offer a fantastic service, but they do things the right way. If you read their documentation carefully, you’ll notice that they’ve made significant efforts to ensure that their clients’ needs are met without sacrificing quality.

The fact that InMotion Hosting is committed to providing the best possible service for their clients makes a significant difference. While many web hosts will promise you the world but deliver fairly poor quality of service, InMotion Hosting goes the extra mile to ensure that their clients are satisfied.

If you’re looking for a web host that prioritises quality and performance, InMotion Hosting is a clear choice.

Reliability & Uptime

To ensure that we keep coming back for more, many web hosts try to sell us on the idea that their servers are more reliable than others. While this may be true in some cases, InMotion Hosting states that they vet their servers with multiple systems monitoring software before offering them for sale, assuring their clients that their servers will perform more consistently than most.

This focus on reliability and uptime is apparent in InMotion Hosting’s approach to the management of their servers. They utilize advanced monitoring software to track their server’s load capacity and performance, and make regular backups of all data stored on their servers. The uptime and reliability of their service is assured because they’ve made significant investments in this area.

When it comes to the performance of your website, more often than not we’re referring to how fast the pages of your site load. To check how well InMotion Hosting’s services perform, visit their website and enter a few keywords into the search bar. You’ll notice that as soon as you make a change to the address bar, the site checks for updates and reloads the page, assuring you that everything is working as it should.

While performance is key, ensuring that your site is accessible by as many people as possible is even more important. InMotion Hosting’s services make it very easy to get your site up and running again if anything should go wrong. Their 24/7/365 support team is available to provide assistance via live chat, email, or through the ticketing system.

Alongside live chat and email, they also provide a 30-day money back guarantee if you meet the criteria, assuring their customers that they’re committed to ensuring their services are reliable and easy to use.

Security & Anonymity

Data security and anonymity are perhaps the most vital elements to consider if you’re planning on running a business website. InMotion Hosting takes both seriously, and states that they use industry standard security practices to protect the personal data of their customers, assuring you that your information will be kept private if you choose to use their services.

They also utilize advanced encryption technologies to ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized parties, and are committed to maintaining financial privacy, preventing any interference from identity theft.

To further improve the security of their service, InMotion Hosting doesn’t store any data regarding their customers’ websites on their servers. Instead, they utilize a unique domain name system that delivers a discreet address for each website that chooses to use their services. This approach prevents the collection of personal data and allows them to maintain complete control over who has access to what if their servers are hacked.

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable web host that allows you to maintain complete control over the privacy of your data, InMotion Hosting is a clear choice.

Customer Support

Last, but certainly not least, let’s discuss support. InMotion Hosting’s documentation is very clear that they’re committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, and it shows. Their support team is always willing to tackle technical issues head on, and make things right again. Just enter the correct email address and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to fix the issue.

If something goes wrong with your site, or if you have any questions regarding their services, their team of experts are available to help you 24/7 via live chat, email, or telephone. While many companies claim to provide great support, InMotion Hosting stands out due to their team’s fast response times and ability to fix the issues that arise.

InMotion Hosting is a great choice for those seeking a reliable web host that provides a wealth of features. Not only will you be able to launch a successful business website, but you’ll also be able to maintain complete control over the security and privacy of your data.