How to Log In to WordPress in Internet Explorer

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used by bloggers around the world. It is extremely user-friendly and can be easily accessed via the web. As a result, more and more people are choosing to use WordPress to power their blogs. One of the primary reasons behind the growing popularity of WordPress is the fact that it works perfectly with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Why Should You Use WordPress in Your Blog?

While there are a number of free blogging platforms available, such as Blogger and Tumblr, WordPress offers numerous advantages to users. If you are looking to build a brand for yourself in your industry, WordPress is the perfect fit. Not only does it offer an extensive feature set that will allow you to fully customize your blog, but it also provides you with the tools to efficiently monetize your content. Here are just some of the reasons why WordPress is the perfect fit for your blog:

Extensive Feature Set

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular among bloggers is due to the fact that it offers an extremely rich feature set that provides the user with great flexibility and convenience. The drag-and-drop editor makes creating unique content easy and fun, and the abundance of add-ons and plugins available for purchase via or the WordPress app allow users to further enhance their blogs and attract more readers.

WordPress features a special section called the “Resource Centre” that provides tutorials, videos, and guides on a wide variety of topics. This is a great place to learn how to use the platform efficiently and make the most of all of its features.

Browser Compatibility

Another important reason why WordPress is perfect for bloggers is the fact that it supports all major browsers. While Internet Explorer is typically the most popular internet browser, people use WordPress regardless of their browsers of choice. This is because it is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, which any web surfer will feel comfortable enough using.

The good news for Microsoft Internet Explorer users is that WordPress works perfectly with all versions of Internet Explorer from 11 onwards. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or above, then you will be able to enjoy all of the features of WordPress without any problems.

How to Log In to WordPress in Internet Explorer

Now that you know why so many people choose to use WordPress, you might be wondering how to log in to WordPress in Internet Explorer. Rest assured, this article will teach you how to easily log in to WordPress and start blogging without any problems.

To log in to your WordPress dashboard, simply type “wordpress” into the address bar of your Internet Explorer browser. A dropdown will appear with a list of options. Choose “” to reach the WordPress homepage.

A log in page will appear once you choose this option. You will need to enter your username and password to log in.

You can also log in to WordPress via the WordPress app. To do so, open the app and tap the login button on the top right corner. A login page will appear once you tap the button.

Your WordPress dashboard will then appear, and you will be able to access all of the features within the platform.

WordPress is a powerful and flexible blogging platform that can be used to create amazing blogs and websites. If you have not tried it out yet, then you should definitively give it a try, especially if you are looking to monetize your blog content.