How to Change Your WordPress Website Hosting

You want to update your blog with a fresh coat of paint, maybe add a bit more content or switch to a different platform. Whatever it may be, there’s an easy way to make that happen: change your WordPress host. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to do in this article. We’ll cover everything from the basics (what is a WordPress host?) to the nitty-gritty (how to switch hosts). So, read on and enjoy the change!

What is a WordPress Host?

If you’re wondering what a wordpress host is, it’s a type of web host that specializes in taking care of all the technical details for a WordPress installation. These hosts typically provide you with one or more WordPress installations, as well as control panel access, which gives you the ability to manage your sites from a single location. They also usually provide you with some basic web functionality, such as creating and posting to blogs or managing your social media accounts.

Why do you need a WordPress host? Well, if you want to create a blog or website, you’ll need a place to store all your content. And what better place to store your content than on the Internet? Using a WordPress host allows you to take advantage of the incredible worldwide web distribution platform that is the Internet.

Why Should You Change Your WordPress Hosting Provider?

As we established earlier, WordPress hosts provide you with a stable place to store and distribute your content. But that’s not the only important function they serve. They also provide you with a number of features that you might not find available elsewhere, which we’ll discuss in more detail later on.

What are Some Common Features That a WordPress Host Might Offer?

The most common features that a WordPress host might offer you are:

  • Stored databases
  • SSH Access
  • Webmail
  • Private SSL Certificates
  • Free backups
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Free domain registration
  • WordPress Control Panel

These are all pretty standard features that you might find offered by just about any web host. However, some hosts might offer more specialized features for WordPress users (e.g. WP Mailer).

WordPress Host Features That You Might Not Find

Depending on the host you choose, you might not find some of the standard features mentioned earlier. One such feature is Piwik tracking for WordPress sites. Now, not all hosts offer this feature, but those that do try to upsell it as part of their premium package. So if this is a feature that you’re interested in, make sure you read reviews of the host you’re considering using before making a decision.

Also, not all hosts are created equal. Some hosts might be more familiar with hosting Wordpress sites than others. If you’re looking for a Wordpress host, take the time to research the company you’re considering using. By all means, be careful out there!

Do I Need to Change My Content Before I Publish?

Before you put fresh content on your site, you should definitely change the hosting provider. Doing so will ensure that all your content is backed up and maintained on at least two separate servers. This way, if anything happens to the server that you’re currently using, your content will still be available on another server. And if that happens, we don’t want to keep you guys waiting, right?

How Long Does It Take To Change My WordPress Host?

Changing your WordPress host is not a complicated process. Typically, it takes only a few minutes to complete. You’ll need to contact the web host and give them notice that you want to make a change. After that, they’ll walk you through a few steps to make the switch. While this process can be a little tedious, it’s still significantly cheaper than paying for premium Wordpress hosting each month. Changing your WordPress host is ultimately a money-saving measure for anyone who regularly publishes content online. It’s also a good idea to make the change at least a month or two before your current hosting plan expires. Doing so gives you time to test the waters with the new host and see how everything works in practice.

Is It Possible to Host My Own WordPress Site?

If you’re looking to host your own WordPress site, it is entirely possible. However, doing so is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you need to have an incredible amount of technical know-how, but you’ll also need to have a decent amount of money to buy the necessary hardware (i.e. web hosting services). If you’re looking to host your own WordPress site, perhaps consider looking at the self-hosted option that WordPress provides. It’s a safe and affordable option for anyone who wants to try it out. Plus, you have complete control over your content, which is arguably the ultimate upside.

If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient option, perhaps consider using a cloud-based Wordpress hosting service. These types of hosts give you the ability to store and distribute your content on one of their dedicated servers. For a small monthly fee, you get automated backups, free domain names, and SSH access to the server. So, while you might not get all the features that a normal web host offers, you still get the security and stability that a Wordpress host provides.

Do I Need To Use A Dedicated IP Address For My WordPress Site?

Dedicated IP addresses are used when you want to create a website or blog that is accessible from the Internet using a single IP address. A dedicated IP address can also be referred to as a static IPv4 address, a private IPv4 address, or a fixed IP address. When using a dedicated IP address, you don’t need to register your domain name with registrar services like GoDaddy or 1&1. This is because all the machines that are connected to the network have a fixed IP address associated with them. So, when you use a dedicated IP address, all the devices that are connected to the network are always referred to by the same IP address.

And what is the advantage of using a dedicated IP address for your blog or website? Well, as we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to register your domain name with a third-party registrar. Doing so can be a really painful process that can sometimes take days to complete. Using a dedicated IP address means that you can quickly and easily register your domain name with any registrar service and connect to your blog or website in a matter of minutes.

Is It Better To Use Free Or Paid Services For My WordPress Site?

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable way to host your WordPress site, then it’s better to use a free service. These types of hosts provide you with the basic functions you need to operate your site, plus they also allow you to install various free applications that can make your site more functional. Examples of free services that you might choose to install on your site are:

  • WordPress
  • Piwik tracking
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify
  • Xero
  • Sage Bikes
  • HBWire
  • HubSpot
  • GoDaddy Shopping
  • Disqus
  • LiveChat
  • Big Cartel

As you can see, these hosts offer a variety of applications that you might find useful. And best of all, they don’t require you to install any additional software to use them. In most cases, you’ll just need to visit your website’s dashboard to install the application you want to use.

On the other hand, paid services for WordPress sites can get a bit more expensive. Some of these hosts offer premium WordPress installations, which come with additional features that are designed for bloggers who have a lot of content to manage. Examples of these features are: