How to Choose a China WordPress Hosting Provider

Choosing a China WordPress Hosting Provider can be challenging. There are many benefits to using a Chinese host, but there are also some drawbacks. Let’s examine each one so you can make the right choice in regards to your needs.

Easy Admin

One of the biggest pluses of using a Chinese host is the ease of administering your site. As a WordPress user, you will experience an almost instantaneous connection with the company because of the way they handle the DNS process. When you setup your free account with them, they will automatically give you a dedicated IP and a range of ports that you can access from anywhere. This means that all of the DNS configuration is taken care of for you, and you do not have to worry about setting anything up.

Additionally, their dedicated IPs are completely free. If you are looking for a free domain name and you want to run a WordPress site, then going with a Chinese host is a great choice because you can get a highly-optimized domain name that is completely free. Lastly, their customer support is exceptional. If you have any questions regarding the functionality of their service, they have a very quick and efficient support team that is always available to help.


Security is always a key consideration when selecting a hosting provider. When it comes to WordPress security in general, a Chinese host is less secure than one in another country. This is because Chinese networks are more vulnerable to malware and hacking. If you ever get banned for whatever reason, then it would be best to choose a host that is located in a country with stronger network defenses.

While this can be a downside, it is not something that you have to live with. There are plenty of highly-secure and -regulated WordPress hosting companies out there that are completely safe to use. A great example is which is headquartered in Germany but operates servers all over the world. When it comes to securing your WordPress site on a daily basis, using security plugins, frequent backups, and a well-maintained firewall are all things you should do. In addition to this, you should also familiarize yourself with the basics of security so you can defend yourself against the next big cyber attack.


Speed is always a key consideration when selecting a hosting provider. Most people are unaware of the difference in speed between different regions and different countries. One of the main reasons why they are unaware of this is because their devices do not show them the speed difference. However, when you are browsing the web, especially on mobile devices, the difference in speed can be felt. It is best to choose a host that is located in a place with faster Internet access. Additionally, if you are using WordPress SEO, then you should opt for the fastest hosting plan available because this will affect your site’s search engine ranking.

The majority of web hosting providers now offer blazing-fast speeds. The main reason behind this is because people are becoming more accustomed to the idea of having a fast Internet connection. Even if you are on a limited budget, you should be able to find a package that will satisfy your needs. Keep in mind that some features are more expensive than others, so be sure to comparison-shop before committing to a plan.


Another key consideration when choosing a WordPress hosting provider is location. If you are looking to host your site in a certain country or region, then that is a major factor to consider. One of the biggest advantages of using a Chinese host is that they operate out of China. This means your site will be immune to DDoS attacks because they are physically located outside of the country. This will also prevent your site from getting confiscated by the government because it is deemed ‘illegal’ to host content in that country. Additionally, if you need to contact their support on a daily basis, then it is best to choose a provider that is close to your location because this will reduce the time it takes for the support team to respond. If you plan on using the service often, then it is best to choose a host that is based in the United States or another country that has strong privacy laws because this will reduce the amount of personal information that they collect about you.


Scalability is how well a company is structured to handle an increasing number of websites or users on their platform. If you are planning on using the service to host your blog or company website, then you should look for a host that is scalable because they will be able to handle your increased traffic. This is especially important if you are planning on eventually expanding your website into a national or international platform.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should consider using a Chinese host for your WordPress site. However, you should not choose one simply because they are available and have a low price tag. Research into each host’s policies and practices before making a decision.