City Chamber of Commerce Website Template in WordPress

Businesses and organizations based in or operating in New York City are usually quite aware of the value and potential of the city’s huge and ever-growing online community, blogging platform, and social media presence. With over 500 million monthly active users and over 30 million monthly blog posts across the city’s various social media platforms, New York City certainly has some of the most influential people, businesses, and organizations behind them.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve and grow, city chambers of commerce around the world are racing to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their communities and industries. In order to best serve their business partners and the general public, these organizations have turned to WordPress as their publishing platform of choice due to its robust functionality and flexibility.

If your city’s chamber of commerce is considering a transition to WordPress, here are some useful tips and guidelines to follow in order to successfully launch and maintain a modern and effective presence on the Web.

Pick A Single Blog Platform

One of the most significant and fundamental changes that WordPress has introduced is the concept of multi-blog platforms or multi-site networks. Previously, WordPress users were restricted to using the software to build a single, standalone blog. However, with the introduction of premium themes and plugins that can be used to create multi-site networks, city chambers of commerce have a whole new level of flexibility and robustness when it comes to operating their online presences and attracting potential customers and members.

While there are several benefits to this newfound flexibility, it also comes with some unique challenges. For example, if your city’s chamber of commerce is looking to expand their online presence to include different categories and types of content, such as product news, expert insights, and educational articles, then using a single platform for all of these could become significantly more complicated. Furthermore, having different URLs for each individual blog or website in a multi-blog network makes it much more difficult for visitors to discover and find content that is relevant to them. Finally, integrating a CRM system and marketing automation tools into your city’s chamber of commerce’s online strategy is now more straightforward thanks to WordPress’ improved functionalities.

Optimize Your Domain Name

One of the first things that will catch the attention of anyone who visits your city’s website is the domain name. Although it does not seem like much, your domain name is the ‘key’ to your website’s credibility, professionalism, and overall success. In other words, having a memorable and relevant domain name is a great way to attract and retain customers.

If you are considering a new or existing domain name for your chamber of commerce website, then take some time to check out the available options. Is there something catchy and memorable that you can build upon? If not, perhaps you should consider the longer version of the domain name? You can also use a tool like WordSwag to easily find a ‘catchy’ yet professional domain name that is already available. Once you find a name that you love, don’t be afraid to claim it.

Use Your Website’s Header, Aside, And Breadcrumbs

The header, aside, and breadcrumbs are crucial parts of any website. They help to set the stage for your readers and guide them through the various sub-sections and articles on your site. For example, the header is what appears at the top of the page. The aside is what appears on the left side of the page. And the breadcrumbs are the navigation links that appear at the top part of the page when you are scrolling down.

Your header should immediately attract and grab the attention of any potential visitor to your website. It should also be visually distinct from the rest of your site’s design and contain content that is relevant to your niche. Additionally, the header is a great place to display your logo, branding, and any other essential information.

As for the aside, this is where you place any content that is complementary or supplementary to the main content of your website. For example, if you are selling clothes, you could place a section of your website that provides tips on how to dress for each season. This could be an invaluable resource for your readers.

Lastly, the breadcrumbs are essentially the trail that visitors follow as they navigate your site. They are usually found at the top of the page in the form of grey, vertical bars. Your breadcrumbs should connect your readers to the different parts of your site, as well as provide them with useful information relevant to their path. Furthermore, it is a good idea to regularly revisit your site’s breadcrumbs as part of a site audit in order to ensure that they remain useful and relevant.

Create Regular Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to regularly publish content to your city’s chamber of commerce website. The catch is that you have to keep publishing content regularly in order to attract and retain readership.

Blogs are useful for various reasons. First, they provide your city’s chamber of commerce with a quick and easy way to publish content on a variety of topics. Regardless of whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, an official, or a policy maker, chances are there is something that you can contribute to the world of blogging. Additionally, blogs can be used to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

The problem is that establishing and maintaining a sizable audience can be quite the challenge. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of content to attract and retain an audience. In that way, blogs are a great opportunity to establish and grow your city’s chamber of commerce website, and they can also be quite the challenge.

Use Videos And Images To Enhance Your Blog Posts

Another crucial tip for any new or established blog is to incorporate videos and images into your content. Videos and images can significantly enhance a blog post, helping to make it more interesting, engaging, and likely more valuable and accessible to your audience.

You can use a tool like Revolver to easily and quickly create beautiful, high-quality videos for your site. Revolver allows users to easily shoot and perfect short videos of any length, incorporating all of the bells and whistles (from adding music to creating captions) into one easy-to-use program.

Images are undoubtedly the most popular way for people to convey ideas and information these days. If your city’s chamber of commerce website is looking to establish an engaging and accessible digital presence, then using images to provide context, illustrate points, and help guide the reader through the content is a great way to go.

Use Social Media To Grow Your Audience

One of the most effective and popular ways of establishing a digital presence today is through social media channels. In fact, many of today’s largest and most influential companies and businesses are thriving because of their use. Having a presence on social media channels, whether it is through a single account, a business page, or a brand-owned account, gives your city’s chamber of commerce a huge and potentially very valuable audience.

The concept behind having a presence on social media channels is rather simple: connect with as many people as possible and allow them to connect to you via your blog, email, or phone number. This is how you grow your audience and how you eventually attract potential customers and members.

The most popular social media channels for business, brands, and organizations are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms offer advertisers the ability to target individuals based upon their interests, demographics, and geography. As a result, if your city’s chamber of commerce is considering expanding their online presence, then establishing a strong presence on social media channels is a vital first step.

In addition to attracting potential customers and members, you should also use social media to respond to and reflect upon feedback, criticisms, and suggestions from your audience. Doing so can help to establish trust and credibility with your audience, proving that you are an open, attentive, and interested party.

Avoid The Dark Pages

One of the first things that will likely strike anyone who visits your city’s chamber of commerce website is the rather dark and unappealing look of your site. Although this will likely not be a concern for businesses and organizations that are based in countries with healthy economies, in today’s world of the Web, a lacklustre website can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. The importance of a good-looking, functional website is thus self-evident.