Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress Themes

The best cloud hosting providers offer you everything you need to run your WordPress blog right from the dashboard. So you can focus on content and never worry about server maintenance again. Also, most of these companies offer a free domain with every package. You can’t beat that.

This way, you can launch a new blog or website for free and without any limitations. You don’t need to worry about storing and backing up your content because the company handles all of that for you. It’s even possible to install WordPress MU if you want to create a multisite network. And let’s not forget about the amazing community around these platforms. You can always find the answers you need for any question from people who are already using the same service.


The key features you need in a cloud hosting provider are: fast speed, powerful servers, secure connection, and a hassle-free experience. If any of those are missing, then it may be a sign you should look for a different solution.

You’ll also want to make sure the provider offers enough storage, at least 1 TB, and that they have a free domain option. Backed by reliable technology and a 24/7 support team, you’ll be surprised how many features these companies offer.


Your content is one of the most precious things you have, so it’s important to secure it on the internet. That’s why all of the big players in the cloud hosting industry incorporate the best security measures available today. For example, they use open-source security software (like Apache and PHP) which are readily available to the public. In addition, all of their data centers are physically protected and are as secure as Fort Knox. The bottom line is that security is a top priority in the industry and it shows in how they design their products.


A reliable cloud host is one that you can depend on to deliver their services consistently and with high performance. When you’re running a business, relying on unstable and slow networks can seriously hurt your bottom line. To ensure this, the big players in the industry implement multiple redundancies and backup systems so that they can quickly restore service in the case of a disaster. As a result, even if their servers are overloaded, you’ll likely still be able to access your WordPress blog or website content.


Last but not least, we have speed. The better the speed, the better the experience for your readers. To achieve the best speed possible, the big players in the industry use a few strategies including utilizing multiple data centers, utilizing the latest processors, and caching as much as possible. These strategies ultimately result in faster page speeds and a better overall experience for your visitors.

To learn more about the different types of WordPress hosting available, check out this helpful comparison table (courtesy of Bluehost). Once you’ve selected your favorite, be sure to read their official review or visit their site to get more information.