Confirm Website Pinterest Theme in WordPress

A while back, I posted about Pinterest having a surprise announcement regarding their redesign. The beloved “graphic sharing” website officially launched their new look today, and it’s pretty incredible. The site has completely changed the way it interacts with users, enhancing the overall user experience and removing the clutter that was previously there. If you follow stylings on Twitter, you’ll know what happened next. People started sharing their excitement for the new design, with many designers launching pins relating to their favorite pieces from the new look.

I really want to shout out the designers who took the time to comment on the redesign. Not only did they share their excitement, but they also pinned their favorite pieces from the new design. I was able to reach out to a few of these designers and get the scoop on how they made the transition from pre-redesign to post-redesign look so easy. I’ll begin by sharing some of the pieces that they chose to pin, followed by some tips on how to make the same transition for your own blog or website.

The Newest Blogs From the Redesign

The best part about today is that we finally have solid confirmation that Pinterest’s redesign was, in fact, a complete success. Not only did they launch a new design, but they revamped the way they interact with users and increased the overall user experience. When you compare this to the uncertainty that surrounded the redesign announcement a few months ago, today is certainly a vindication of sorts.

I’m sure many of you have visited Pinterest over the past few months, wondering and sometimes even questioning whether or not the redesign was actually going to happen. You’ll soon find out that it was. The new Pinterest is here, and it’s glorious. Let’s dive into some of the new features and see how you can put them to use on your blog or website.

Improved Layout Makes for Easier Reading

One of the biggest changes that you’ll notice upon logging into your new Pinterest account is the layout of the website. If you’ve ever used the beta version of Pinterest over the past few months, you’ll know that the company was playing around with various layout ideas, trying to find the right combination of columns and spacing to make it easier for users to find the content that they want. This is, in fact, what they were testing and what you’ll see today when you log in to the new site. It’s a completely different approach than what they used before, but one that has proven to be much more effective. The improved layout makes it much easier for users to navigate, finding what they’re looking for with less effort and faster load times. This is undoubtedly a positive change.

More Aligned With The Mobile User In Mind

Another big change that you’ll notice upon logging into your new account is that Pinterest is trying to be more aligned with mobile users. If you’ve ever used the site on your phone, you’ll know that there’s a massive amount of white space around the edges of the screen, making it somewhat difficult to navigate. The redesign is looking to fix this problem by having a full screen focus when you’re on mobile devices. When you’re on a desktop computer or tablet, there will be areas around the edges where you can click to see additional information – no more gaping holes in the middle of your screen!

More Intuitive User Interface

Another huge change that you’ll notice upon logging into your new account is how intuitive and easy it is to use. If you’re not used to using Pinterest, you may find it overwhelming at first, but after a few minutes of exploring the new features, you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for. This is, again, thanks to the company’s focus on improving the overall user experience. While the Pinterest mobile app has always been easy to use, the website itself used to be a bit clunky and hard to navigate without a mouse. The redesign strives to make it much easier for users to find what they want, even if they’re not familiar with the site or its content. As a result, even if you are a frequent visitor to the site, you’ll definitely notice a difference in how easy it is to use.

More Engagement With Content Creators And Curators

One of the biggest changes that you’ll notice upon logging into your new account is how much easier it is to engage with content creators. If you’re a writer or passionate about a certain topic, community building and engaging with others is super easy. Just take a look at the increased activity that you’ll see from day one once you log in. Content creators and curators are eager to connect with other users and engage with them around the topic that they’re passionate about. If you’re looking to build a community around a certain topic, Pinterest is a great place to do so, making it much easier for participants to connect and stay engaged.

More Effective At Revealing Trends

If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you’ll particularly enjoy the fact that Pinterest is more effective at revealing trends. If you’ve ever studied the popular blogosphere, you’ll know that many of the biggest and most influential fashion blogs are often the first to report on trends and share their excitement around a certain article of clothing or accessory. Thanks to the increased focus on mobile users and the overall revamp of the site, Pinterest is able to serve up content that is targeted towards what mobile users are actually interested in, making it a more effective tool for uncovering trends. It’s the best of both worlds: a place where fashionistas can share their love for fashion and accessories and also see what’s trending all around them.

Evolving With The Times

One of the biggest criticisms that can be levied at Pinterest is that it’s somewhat detached from the current cultural zeitgeist, stuck in a rut and not always effective at revealing what’s trending all around the world. This is a valid point, but even the best of industries and trends can fall out of favor, leaving legacy brands with massive stocks and emerging designers without an adequate market. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and mobile devices, this can be remedied with the click of a button. If you want to see what’s trending all around the world, you simply need to log into your new account and begin exploring. While the new design puts a lot of focus on the mobile user, this is actually much more effective when applied globally. When you explore the new Pinterest, you’ll notice that a lot of content is geared towards Europe, North America and China, with Japan being the only major market where the old layout rules.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are mostly statistics and trends, not hard facts. Just because Pinterest says that 60% of their traffic comes from mobile users doesn’t mean that’s actually true. However, it probably is. As more people turn to the web for their news and information, mobile users are becoming the primary demographic, shaping the way that we consume content and connect with others online. This is particularly evident when it comes to social media websites like Pinterest. So while the evolution of the web and mobile devices has made this particular piece of news easy to confirm, it has also made it a little less powerful in terms of swaying public opinion.

What do you think of the new Pinterest? Do you think it’s a positive change or a negative one? Let us know in the comments!