How to Deactivate WordPress Website for 1 Dollar Hosting

You wake up one day and decide that you want to stop writing. What then? You create a blog with WordPress but find that you cannot stop writing. You try to post less frequently and when you do it’s not well received because your audience has grown accustomed to frequent, engaging content.

You are not alone. This is a scenario that could play out for thousands of bloggers around the world.

You might be wondering how you can deactivate your WordPress blog for 1 dollar a month. To do this, you will need to go through a 30-day free trial with 1 dollar hosting from Bluehost. This will give you the flexibility to test out the platform and see how it performs for you.

The best part? Once you have tried it you can decide whether or not to continue paying for hosting or to find a cheaper alternative that provides more features. It really is that simple.

Why Bluehost?

In the past, you would need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive hosting packages. What if you want to play around with a new blogging platform or want to try a different niche? You would need to cancel the old hosting account and set up a new one. This is less than ideal because there is a chance that your old blog posts could still be visible in search engines.

With 1 dollar hosting from Bluehost, you can get a reliable, secure and feature-rich hosting package with a simple click of a button. You will not need to worry about spending too much money on expensive hosting packages because with Bluehost, you get what you pay for.

Plus, with the 1 dollar plan, you get a free domain and you can install WordPress on it with a few clicks of the mouse. This is ideal because you will not need to worry about purchasing a domain name or finding the time to set up WordPress manually. Everything you need is already provided to you for free.

What are the features?

The 1 dollar plan with Bluehost comes with all the features you might need to run a blog. You get a free domain, you can install WordPress with one click, you get daily backups, and you can install a monetized WordPress plugin like WooCommerce. To top it off, you also get free domain privacy and free daily email checks.

If you are looking for a free blogging platform, then Bluehost is certainly a viable option. The 1 dollar plan provides you with everything you need to get started. More importantly, this plan also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try out the service without risk or hassle.

Does it really work?

Yes! In order to prove this point, I would like to walk you through a step-by-step process of creating a brand new blog on Bluehost using the 1 dollar plan. For this purpose, I have decided to create a blog about blogging named How to Blog For Free.

To begin, visit the Bluehost website and click on the Get Started button. Once you are on their website, you will see several different hosting packages available to you with pricing plans starting at just $1 per month. Choose the one that suits you best and click on the Continue to Site button.

Once you are on the Bluehost site, you will see several different pricing plans and you will want to click on the Get Started button on the 1 dollar plan to continue to their website.

On the next page, you will see a short blurb about Bluehost followed by a button that says Install WordPress. You will want to click on this button to continue to their website where you can install WordPress with the click of a button.

Once WordPress has been installed, you can log in with the email address and password you specified during the sign up process. You will then be taken to your WordPress dashboard. Congratulations! You have now successfully installed WordPress on your site.

Is there more than one way to blog for free?

Yes! You have several choices when it comes to blogging for free. You can either use or you can use your own self-hosted WordPress site. For this purpose, I will use the 1 dollar plan because it is the simplest plan available and it also includes all the features I need to create this blog.

As a beginner, I would recommend opting for because it is the simple route to go. You can install onto a free domain or you can buy a premium domain and install it onto your site. You will then have a free WordPress site with the same features as this blog. You can use this site to experiment with different blogging platforms or to simply use it as a way to write down your thoughts.

Why not use your own self-hosted WordPress site? You can use a free domain to create a WordPress site and you will not need to worry about installing WordPress manually. You will simply need to follow the 5-minute step-by-step video tutorial to get started. This way, you have complete control over your blog and you can write and publish content whenever you want. You can even sell and craft your own products on your site if you decide to do so.

How is the customer support?

Excellent! You can get immediate support via email or live chat option available on their website. You can also opt-in for support via email where they will happily provide you with answers to any questions you might have regarding the product. Not only that but they are also usually quick to respond and very helpful. You can see how helpful and kind they are by visiting their website and watching their video tutorials where they demonstrate how to use their products with complete patience. They do all the hard work for you so your customers can simply enjoy their visit to your site.

Now that you have a WordPress blog, what next?

The sky is the limit! You can take this blog and do whatever you want with it. You can become a full-time blogger and earn a living from your blog or you can simply use it as a way to experiment with different content marketing strategies. Either way, you can continue to grow and monetize this blog to earn more money from blogging.

Do not get discouraged if one of your blog articles does not perform well. In fact, you should be encouraged because it means you are reaching an audience that wants to learn more about your topic. This is a good thing! You can use this blog as a stepping-stone to prove to potential employers or investors that you are indeed a professional in the field. You can also use your blog to gain more experience in an ever-changing and evolving industry. It really is that simple! Now is the time to start a blog, grow it, and monetize it.