Top 5 WordPress Hosting Sites

Many bloggers and webmasters rely on WordPress for their content publishing needs. This content management system is a free and open-source platform that provides bloggers with everything they need to effortlessly publish content online.

But what happens when your blog gets popular and you need more storage space and a stronger server to accommodate all your visitors?

You can always choose a premium hosting plan from one of the many WordPress hosting providers, but what is the best free option?

In this article, we will discuss the top five WordPress hosting sites, along with their perks, and why you should use them.


WordPress is the #1 choice for webmasters and bloggers seeking to publish content digitally online because of its ease of use, massive community, and a wealth of features.

This content management system is extremely popular because it provides bloggers with everything they need to publish content. This is in stark contrast to the competition, which requires you to install numerous third-party plugins to get most of the functionality needed.

You can install WordPress onto your own server or use one of the many managed WordPress hosting providers, which will take care of all the technical stuff for you. When installing WordPress yourself, you will need to consider what platform (Unix or Windows) and what operating system you will use.


Plumpster is a new entrant to the WordPress hosting arena, but don’t let that fool you. This platform has been around for a while and has gained popularity because it provides additional features that make blogging and website publishing simpler and more enjoyable.

Not only is Plumpster easy to use and install, but it also comes prepackaged with a few nifty features. For example, this hosting service includes a free backup tool that allows you to create backups of your website as frequently as you like. In case anything happens to your website or blog, this will help you to restore it quickly and easily.

Another feature that has become quite popular is the automated comment moderation tool, which is integrated with the platform. This feature allows you to avoid the hassles of checking and moderating your comments manually.


Those who rely on WordPress to power their blog or site may have tried out WordPress’ older sibling, HotSpot. This content management system provides similar functionality, but with better performance.

This hosting service also includes a free domain registration option, as well as a free premium SSL certificate to secure your website.

You can use this certificate to secure your site via HTTPS, to make it more accessible to search engines and prevent search engine penalties.

If you install HotSpot onto your own server, you will need to take into account the platform’s requirements, which are somewhat different from those of WordPress. For example, if you use WordPress’ Standard plan, you will need to have at least a 2GHz processor and 4GB of RAM to use HotSpot’s Starter plan.


Zoom is another popular option among WordPress hosting providers. This content management system is known for its simplicity, which some may find lacking in functionality. However, Zoom’s major selling point is its affordable price tag. This hosting service is completely free, but you will need to register an account and verify your email address to use it.

Zoom offers two different plans: Basic and Plus. The Basic plan includes a free domain and hosting plus the ability to install 1 website; the Plus plan adds one more feature: a free SSL certificate. Because this certificate is so important, make sure you purchase a reputable brand like GeoTrust or Thawte.

If you decide to install Zoom onto your own server, you will need to take into account that this platform requires more configuration than the other options discussed so far. Specifically, you will need to enter your site’s URL and additional settings, like its name, image, and background color.


DreamSpring is one of the more popular all-in-one platforms for blogging and website publishing. This content management system is known for its easy-to-use features and sleek design. With DreamSpring, you can spin up a functioning blog or website in minutes.

This hosting service provides all the features you would expect from a full-blown blogging platform, including a free domain, free storage, a free mobile app, and more.

As with other all-in-one platforms, you will need to dig into the features to find the ones that suit you. For example, if you are seeking a free domain, you will need to check out the offerings of DreamSpring. This platform also has a nifty feature called Multi-Site, which groups multiple blogs or websites into a single entity. For more information, check out the DreamSpring web portal or their support pages.

Whether you choose to install DreamSpring onto your own server or use one of the hosting providers, you will need to consider what platform and operating system you will use. For instance, if you choose to go with the hosted version, you will need to have a Unix-based server.

Now that you have an idea of the top five WordPress hosting sites, you may be tempted to opt for the paid version of one of these services. While it is tempting to save money and opt for a free version, these services do come with some significant perks that make them well worth the investment.

To learn more, visit this special link, where you will be taken to a page explaining everything you need to know about the perks of the paid version of these services.