How to Install, Configure and Use the \”Dragify\” WordPress Plugin

The “Dragify” WordPress plugin makes it easy for your readers to enjoy your content without having to leave your site. When a visitor clicks the “Read more” button on a story or blog post, a new article or blog post will appear below the original content with which the reader is familiar. Essentially, with the “Dragify” WordPress plugin, your content travels with your visitors as they navigate across your site, allowing them to come back and visit your content anytime they like.


The “Dragify” WordPress plugin’s greatest asset is its feature set. Simply put, the plugin does many things for content creators, bloggers, and website owners to enjoy. From the moment a reader lands on your site, you can engage them, grab their attention, and keep them on your page by implementing features that make your content more interesting and accessible. The highlight of this feature set is the fact that the plugin is very easy to use, and its interface is accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.


Installing the “Dragify” WordPress plugin is incredibly easy. Once you have downloaded file containing it, simply unzip it and upload the plugin’s folder to your WordPress plugins folder. You’re done! To use the plugin, simply go to Settings > Reading and click the “Enable drag and drop feature” button to activate it. If you’re using an existing WordPress website, you can also activate this feature from the WordPress dashboard.


Once you enable the “Dragify” WordPress plugin, you can use it to your advantage right away. Let’s look at some of the most useful features:

  • The Recent Posts widget allows you to show recent blog posts without leaving the site.
  • The Sidebar widget gives you another option for showing content easily to your readers without leaving the site.
  • The Most Popular widget shows you the most popular blog posts on your site without leaving the dashboard.
  • The Featured Tag Cloud widget aggregates content from across the web using the most popular tags. You can use this feature to display the most popular content on your site with the tags prominently displayed.
  • The Categories widget gives you the option of displaying posts within a specific category or grouping of your choosing. This feature can come in very handy if you have a lot of categories and want to show them all in one place.
  • The Custom Background feature lets you choose a background image for your site and two click to make it full-screen.
  • The featured image for your posts, pages, and even custom post types can be an image hosted on your site or one you create yourself using one of the many free stock photo websites.
  • Hyperlinks can be displayed within the copy alongside images. When a reader clicks on a link, it will automatically open in a new tab or window. This feature is particularly useful if you have lots of long articles where you want your readers to stay and read the whole thing.
  • The Visual Composer tool allows you to drag and drop elements to build a beautiful full-width background image for your site. With the drag and drop options available in the builder, you can really put your creative spin on the look and feel of your site.
  • The “Dragify” WordPress plugin integrates with other major WordPress plugins such as Jetpack, Gravity Forms, and WooCommerce.

If you find the “Dragify” WordPress plugin useful, then consider letting your readers know by promoting it on your site. You can use a resource like Google Adsense to easily find economical advertising spaces on your site, or you can use the plugin’s own support page to offer your readers compelling reasons to try out the plugin. The more your readers know about the plugin, the more likely they will be to use it.


One of the major points of differentiation between the “Dragify” WordPress plugin and other similar products is that it was designed with usability in mind. It was created with the express purpose of being easy to use, so content creators can build their sites quickly and efficiently. This may seem contrary to creating something unique, but uniqueness doesn’t always mean superiority. Often, simpler is better when it comes to software and products that users will interact with frequently, especially when considering how difficult digital marketing can be to implement and track. If you’re looking for a product that will save you time and effort, then the “Dragify” WordPress plugin can prove to be a worthy addition to your toolkit.