What’s the Difference Between Edited WordPress Functions and Accessing a Website?

When you purchase a domain and install WordPress onto it, you will inevitably be presented with a variety of options regarding how you want the blog to function. One of the most basic options is whether you want edited functions or unedited functions.

You will find that there is a significant difference between edited WordPress functions and accessing a website with unedited functions. In this guide, we will discuss the essential differences and what you should know before proceeding.

Editing a WordPress Function Means You’re Tricking a Database Into Thinking it’s 2019

When you purchase a premium theme for your WordPress site, you will be given the option to select the database that the theme was built for. For example, a theme might be built for MySQL, and if you have a database that uses the InnoDB engine, you will have to trick the database into thinking that it’s 2019.

When you choose to use an unedited WordPress function, you are giving your readers the best experience by ensuring that every piece of data is up-to-date and correct. You will avoid any headaches or database errors by choosing to use unedited functions. You should make this decision regarding the type of site that you have. If you are creating a blog, you should use unedited functions. If you are creating a news or informational site, you should use edited functions.

Why Should You Choose Unedited Functions Instead of Edited Functions?

Depending on the size of your audience and the complexity of the website that you are creating, you will have to make a decision regarding whether to go with edited or unedited WordPress functions. The advantage of using unedited WordPress functions is that if any data is incorrect or out-of-date, it will simply be corrected by you or your webmaster when you make a change. If you are creating a large blog then this is obviously an option that you will want to consider, but even smaller websites will find that the benefits of using unedited functions far outweigh the minuscule disadvantages. You should use unedited WordPress functions when you are confident that you have the technical know-how to make changes as needed, and when the simplicity of using unedited functions provides sufficient simplicity for your readers.

If you choose to go with edited functions, you are opening up significant security risks. When you make a change to the code of a WordPress function, it is not necessarily reflected in every instance of that function. If you choose to use an edited WordPress function, you will be taking a risk that the change that you made was not reflected in the way that you intended. This is why you should avoid using edited functions if you can, and instead, use the simple and clean unedited alternatives whenever possible.

Using Advanced Features Means You’re Making Your Site More Complex

One of the significant differences between using edited functions and using unedited functions is that if you are using the latter then you are opening up the opportunity to use additional features that can make your site more complex. You should not use advanced features if you are happy for your site to be as simple as possible, and you should avoid using features that make your site more complex if you are trying to keep things simple. The best option is to use the simple and clean basic features that WordPress provides, and only ever use additional features if absolutely necessary.

Security Is an Important Consideration When Using WordPress

Another significant consideration when using WordPress is ensuring that your website remains secure. If you use an unedited WordPress function then you are better protected against malware and harmful code. Malware and harmful code might be injected into your site by a third party attempting to break into your system, or it may be that your site has been compromised due to a data breach. Either way, using unedited functions means that you are limiting the number of places where malware and harmful code can reside on your site. If you use an edited function then these risks are increased, as you have opened up the opportunity for malicious code to reside within your website. You should use the most up-to-date WordPress functions that are verified to be malware-free whenever possible, or at least use reputable sources to validate that what they are providing is safe to use.

These are the basic differences between using edited functions and using unedited functions in WordPress. If you choose to use WordPress then you should take these differences into consideration, as choosing unedited functions will ensure that you are protecting your readers with the utmost importance, and protecting your own system with the utmost importance as well.