Fast WordPress Hosting 2015: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a fast, stable, and relatively inexpensive way to get your own website up and running, you may want to consider hosting your blog on a wordpress platform. Installing WordPress is generally easy and straight forward, and you’ll find plenty of help online if you get stuck at any point. Plus, there’s a large community around to help you out if you need it.

Why Should You Host Your Blog On WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used to create and maintain websites. The software is extremely flexible and offers an excellent selection of plugins (additional tools built into the platform) that give you additional functionality. You can use plugins to manage various aspects of your blog, such as the look and feel of your site, add advanced features, and more. In addition, you get to take advantage of WordPress’ security features which are regularly updated to protect your content from external hackers and malware.

WordPress also has a very large community that is constantly improving and enhancing the platform and its plugins. If you ever encounter any problems or have ideas for additional functionality, you can either search for a solution or contribute your own expertise. In doing so, you not only make the platform better for yourself, but for everyone else who uses it as well.

Installing WordPress is Simple

To install WordPress, you’ll first need to purchase or rent a hosting account from a reputable and secure company. Then, you need to visit the dashboard of your hosting account and log in using your email address and password. From the dashboard, you’ll click on the Install WordPress button and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. Once completed, you’ll be taken to the WordPress configuration screen where you can enter a few basic details about your site and complete the setup process. You can choose to leave the default option of using your existing site’s content for the setup process, or you can choose to enter text on your own.

WordPress makes it very easy to get your own website up and running, and it’s one of the most popular content management systems because of its simplicity. If you’re looking to install WordPress on a server, you can either use one of their provided installers or use a tool like wget to do it manually which is also very easy to follow along with. All you need to do is enter your site’s URL and the software will take care of the rest.

Is It Secure to Host Your Blog On WordPress?

WordPress is very secure and the hosting companies that offer this service take security seriously. When you install WordPress, you’ll be assigned a secure and unique URL that will allow you to access your blog anywhere, anytime through a secured connection. In addition, you can choose to use a .com domain for your site which makes it more trustworthy to users due to the .com‘s reputation.

You may also choose to use a .net, .org, or other reputable domain extensions if you want to go this route. If you decide to use your own domain, you’ll need to purchase a .com (or similar) domain through an accredited DNS provider (such as 1and1 or cloudflare) because the software won’t function correctly if you use an .in or other domain names that are unverified. You should have no problem with any of the above as long as your credit card is supported by an accredited organization. 

How Does WP Hosting Work?

Once you’ve installed WordPress on a hosting account, you’ll have access to a variety of services designed to make creating and maintaining your site easier and more enjoyable. To start, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can monitor your site’s traffic and performance, set up automatic backups, activate or deactivate plugins (additional tools built into the platform), and more.

The advantage of using a managed WP hosting service is that they’ll take care of the technical aspects of maintaining your site. Additionally, you get to enjoy additional features designed to make creating and maintaining your site simpler and more enjoyable. For example, you can install WordPress on a cloud server so that whenever you log in, the dashboard will already be loaded with content relating to your blog’s recent activity. Or, you can set up automated backups through the dashboard so that no matter what happens, your site will always have a previous state that you can return to.

What Are The Popular Hosting Providers For WordPress?

There are many reputable hosting providers that offer WordPress hosting, but here’s a short list of just some of the most popular ones: