The Fastest Hosting for WordPress – Only $2.95 per Month

Are you looking for the cheapest plan for a WordPress host? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to Bluehost, a blazing-fast, highly-recommended hosting company that allows you to create your very own WordPress blog for only $2.95 per month. (That’s just $0.03 per day!)

Why Bluehost? Let’s explore.

Why Bluehost?

When searching for the cheapest plan for WordPress hosting, you’ll often find comparisons and reviews of different companies. So it’s important to do a bit of research to decide which hosting plan is right for you. If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest plan for a WordPress host, this is the one you need to try out.

The hosts we recommend strive for flawless speed and functionality, plus they offer a money-back guarantee if you meet the right criteria. Bluehost perfectly fits this description.

The Best Deal Available

As mentioned above, Bluehost offers some of the best deal in the industry for a WordPress hosting plan. To get started, you can use this special link and get a free domain and a free SSL certificate. To activate your account, you’ll need to click the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive once you’ve made payment. From there, you can navigate to the dashboard to set up your WordPress blog. Lastly, you’ll need to pick a password and login to the admin area.

As you can see above, you’ll see three different options for hosting plans. They’re broken down as follows:

  • Basic (this is the cheapest plan offered by Bluehost, starting at just $2.95 per month)
  • Plus (recommended for those who’re just getting started, at $5.45 per month)
  • Choice Plus (highly-recommended for experienced WordPress users, at $11.95 per month)

Flawless Speed & Functionality

When it comes to hosting, speed and functionality are two critical factors. Anything less than stellar performance and features and you’ll never enjoy the luxury of a personal blog. Fortunately, Bluehost excels in both categories. For starters, the service is incredibly fast, even by comparison to some of the larger hosting companies. Secondly, the platform is extremely feature-full, especially for such a low price.

Security Monitoring

We all love a good bargain, but let’s face facts here. No one likes having their blog hacked or vandalized by a third party. That’s why it’s important to have a quality web host which offers some type of security monitoring. For only $2.95 per month, you’ll get a free SSL certificate from Bluehost and automatic back up of your data every day. That’s pretty darn cool! If you ever do experience any issues with your site’s security, you can contact their support team to get assistance immediately.

A Wealth Of Features

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a web host is the features they offer. Like with most other companies, Bluehost does offer a wide variety of features, but you’ll need to look for their special offers to get some discounts. If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest plan for a WordPress host, Bluehost has you covered. They aim to please, and they do just that.