How to Fix Password Reset Key Error in WordPress

You log into your WordPress website account just as you do normally but this time, it keeps you locking you out. This can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t know why it’s happening. The login page keeps refreshing itself and all you can see is the same blank login form as you saw a couple of seconds ago. This error is called the WordPress could not save password reset key error.

This is a common WordPress error and it has an easy solution which you can do on your own. In this post, we help you learn how to fix password reset key error in WordPress.

Before jumping to the fix, let us first know why this error occurs in the first place.

Reasons: WordPress Could Not Save Password Reset Key

First Case:

When on being locked out of your WordPress site, you need to reset the password to fix this error, you get to see an error message saying “Could not save password reset key to database”. This situation arises when your WordPress is not able to add new data to your website’s database. It means your hosting account is out of disc space as it has used all the space allocated to your WordPress account.

If the disc space of your WordPress site is full, you cannot add new information to it.

Second Case:

In case you’re unable to see the error message “Could not save password reset key to database” while resetting your WordPress admin password, the error is occurring due to some other reason which needs an expert’s help.


Fix: WordPress Could Not Save Password Reset Key Error

You can fix this error by using your cPanel File Manager or an FTP client that takes you into your account from its backend.

  • Once in, head to /wp-content/uploads/ folder
  • Spot some heavy image files that you can delete and download them to your computer as backup
  • After that, delete these files from the WordPress account
  • It will help you free up some space on your WP account. Once done, go to your WordPress admin login page again and follow these steps:
  • Try logging in again
  • If you can enter your admin page now, open your gallery and see it you can delete anything heavy and useless

Also check if there a useless plugin or extension that keeps eating up your website’s disc space. If found any, disable and uninstall them. Other than some obvious useless plugins, which other plugins should be disabled? Check it out:

  • Some plugins block you from deleting cached files. In that case, whenever you try to delete a file from your account, it will be recreated. To prevent this from happening, disable and uninstall these cache plugins too
  • You can also check the plugins that are responsible for creating backups for your WordPress account. Over time, these backups keep consuming your account’s disc space to a great extent. It’s recommended to remove these plugins as well

(Note: A solution to your WordPress backup issue is to keep these files into a third party cloud service such as Google Drive.)

If you are unable to get more space on your account while you need it, upgrade your hosting plan.

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