How to Fix Sidebar below Content Error in WordPress

Many users, especially beginners, report that their sidebar drops below their content on WP posts and pages. So, this WordPress issue is more prevalent than you think. Don’t worry! Just like other WordPress issues, this one also has reliable fixes.

In this post, we help you know how to fix sidebar below content error in WordPress on your own.

Reasons Why your Sidebar Is Dropping Below your Content

Most of the time, this WP sidebar problem occurs due to an extra closing </div> or an unclosed <div> in a post or page. Another common reason can be a clashing plugin that causes such issue with your page’s layout.

Fixing Sidebar below Content Error in WordPress

  1. Disable the Faulty Plugin

In case the sidebar issue is caused by a plugin that you just installed, we recommend disabling this plugin first. Now, go to the post or page where the sidebar is below your content and delete the changes you made to this page while working on the sidebar. Refresh this page or post.

Your issue must be resolved by doing this. In case, the sidebar is still below the content on your WP post or page, there must be a problem with the <div> tag.

  1. Edit the <Div> Tag to Fix Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

This one is one of the most prevalent reasons of this issue and you can fix this error on your own without taking an expert help. Your WP page contains div elements for which you need to use a <div> tag to have your sidebar in the wrap element.

If you see this issue on a specific page or post, you can do this to rectify the issue:

Open the HTML layout of the content in the editor and ensure that all the open <div> tags are closed properly in the right place. For instance, <div id=“content”>Hi There</div>

Now, if all the <div> tags are closed, look whether there’s no extra closing </div> tag as this:

<div id=“content”>Hi There</div> </div>

If you find such a thing, just remove the extra </div> tag to fix sidebar below content error in WordPress. Save the changes you made to this page and see whether you see the issue anymore.

In case you see this error related to the <div> tags on multiple pages and posts, then fixing just one page won’t be enough. You need to fix the error on the template level because that’s where it is being created.

Simply, open your WordPress dashboard first

Head to Appearance > Theme Editor

Click the template file

Review the page and make changes to the faulty <div> tags to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

These two ways can resolve your WP sidebar issue without taking an expert help. In case, you still find trouble fixing the error on your own, you can contact us to troubleshoot the complication and fix the error from its roots.

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