How to Force WordPress to Update Your Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used for website creation due to its ease of use and incredible flexibility. Almost every website owner knows how important it is to keep their WordPress installation up-to-date, but how can they be sure that all the plugins and themes they use are safe and run securely on their site?

The security and stability of your WordPress installation is directly related to how you update it. This article will discuss how to best force WordPress to update itself so your site always runs securely.

Set Up Automated Updates

Automated updates make maintaining a WordPress site much easier by saving you the effort and time normally required to manually update your site. You can set up automated updates by registering with one of the many reputable automated update plugins available for WordPress. Some of the more popular ones that allow you to automatically update your website with the latest versions are:

  • AutoUpdate ((
  • WordPress Security Updates ((
  • WP Engine Patching ((
  • XDebug ((
  • WordPress Tracie Gunther ((

The above-mentioned plugins will update your WordPress site with the most recent versions of both the WordPress core and the themes and plugins you use. This ensures that you are always running the most secure and stable versions of both on your site.

Manual Updates Are Still Needed

Even if you use one of the above-mentioned automated update plugins, you will still need to manually update WordPress from time to time. This is because the developers of these plugins can only provide updates for the WordPress core and the most popular plugins, not for individual themes or plugins you use occasionally. To manually update WordPress, visit the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and click on the update button next to the currently-active plugin. Doing this manually is not only necessary, but it’s also the best way to ensure that you run the most recent versions of both the WordPress core and the themes and plugins you use on your site.

Use A VPN To Keep Your Website Secure

Another way to ensure the safety and stability of your WordPress site is to use a VPN to keep your traffic encrypted. When you use a VPN, all of your traffic is protected from eavesdropping by anyone including your internet service provider (ISP). To learn more about using a VPN with your WordPress site, visit this helpful page on

Hopefully, the tips discussed above will help you keep your WordPress site updated, secure and stable. If you found this article valuable, you may want to check out these related posts: