Free SSL for Your WordPress Site and A2 Hosting

I often get asked about the best free SSL certificate for wordpress sites. Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this post, I’m going to review three of the best free SSLs for wordpress sites. Each of these options has unique features that make it stand out above the rest. Let’s take a look at each one.

Let’s Encrypt

If you’ve been searching for a free SSL certificate for your wordpress site, you’ve probably come across Let’s Encrypt. You may know them as the company behind the certificate, Let’s Encrypt, which stands for “Let’s Encrypt”. They were started in 2014 and have quickly risen to become one of the most popular and well-known certificate authorities out there. In fact, they’re so well-known that they even have a special status with Microsoft that allows them to issue certificates without charging a fee.

What is Let’s Encrypt? Well, Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit organization that provides free, automated encryption (for secure communications) to websites and online services. They are most well-known for their Let’s Encrypt certificate which is quickly becoming one of the most preferred options for encrypted connections on WordPress sites. To get a Let’s Encrypt certificate, all you need to do is apply for one and allow them to install their certificate onto your site. Once installed, you can configure your wordpress site to use HTTPS whenever possible.


Another great option for free HTTPS is to use their sister company, AcmeSSL. AcmeSSL was founded in 2008 and is also a non-profit organization that provides SSL certificates as well as other encryption-related services to businesses and developers. They offer a free basic level with their certificates that is fully functional and trusted by major browser vendors.

However, if you want to take advantage of some of their more advanced features, you will have to upgrade your subscription. With any type of encryption, you always run the risk of losing data due to breaches or other problems. It is up to you if you want to take that risk or not. Luckily, with the help of companies like AcmeSSL, you can sleep soundly knowing that your data is at least somewhat secure.

Certificate Authority SSL (or “Certificate Vault”)

Finally, let’s not forget about the original source of SSL certificates, Certificate Authority SSL or “Certificate Vault”. Established in 1996, this is a commercial entity that provides SSL certificates as well as other types of cryptographic services to businesses. What makes Certificate Authority SSL special is that they allow you to store your SSL certificates (with a subscription) in a “Certificate Vault” that is maintained by the company. As a result, if your site is ever compromised, the security of your data is not at risk of being breached because the damage can be contained within the walls of the building.

To get started, simply contact the company and ask them about their various subscription packages. They also provide a free trial to allow you to check out their service without having to commit. At the end of the day, Certificate Authority SSL is a safe and secure way to store your sensitive data as long as you’re not planning on traveling anywhere near the area where the data is stored.

Hopefully, this article has helped you choose the right free SSL to meet your needs. Not only does each one provide a different feature set, but you can also use them for different purposes depending on what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading! I hope this article has helped you choose the best free SSL for your wordpress site. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Happy encrypting!