What’s the Best Gaming Theme for WordPress?

When it comes to a website’s visual appeal, the theme is always a critical factor. After all, you’ll never get the attention of any potential visitor if the design of your site is awful! But it’s more than just about appearance; the functioning of your site can be affected as well. For instance, does the theme provide an appropriate platform for your product/service or are you worried that your visitors might have a difficult time navigating your site given its low usability?

Unfortunately, not all themes are made equal. Some themes are better than others when it comes to conveying a sense of professionalism and pleasure when using the platform. Only then can you be sure that your website’s design will not affect how loyal your visitors become towards your brand. So let’s find out what makes for the best gaming theme for WordPress!


From the very first moment your potential customer lands on your site, you want to make sure that they feel like they’ve come across a well-designed site. The best gaming theme for WordPress should provide a pleasant, clean feeling that makes the user wonder, “Can this be related to gaming?”

Luckily, WordPress’ core team has delivered an entire sub-theme specifically designed for gamers. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that the Gaming category contains a number of well-designed demos that you can choose from. For example, the Classic Sports theme provides a clean and simple layout with bright, white text on a dark background. This makes it the perfect choice for sites focusing on sports, games, or both.

Similarly, the Deadspin theme provides a professional, polished appearance while maintaining a fresh approach by featuring an eye-catching video carousel that draws the user’s attention to the content.


While some individuals may prefer a clean, modern look, traditional gamers often prefer a more classic approach. This is why you should also have a look at the Traditional category, which provides users with a vintage experience from the comfort of a WordPress website.

The Classic TV theme provides a classic look that comes with a modern twist. The colors are warm, inviting, and the theme allows you to display product information and reviews in a professional manner.

Then, there’s the Traditional Games theme, which brings together a golden era of video games with a contemporary feel. You can use the theme to showcase any kind of game-related content on your site and ensure that your visitors feel that they’ve traveled back in time to reconnect with their childhood all through the delightful use of video and imagery.

Along with the classic television theme, these are just a few examples of the many designs available within the WordPress community. Do you have a specific type of gamer that you want to target? Perhaps you’re looking for a theme that will allow you to create a news site or a blog for fun and profit. No matter what your needs, be sure to examine the many offerings within the WordPress ecosystem to choose the best theme for your needs.