Hosting Your Website on is the largest self-hosted blogging network in the world, and quite possibly the most popular blogging platform ever created. Launched in 2005, the community-driven network offers a free web host to anyone with a passion for blogging. With more than two million sites on the network, it’s the perfect choice for budding content creators looking to get their feet wet. Plus, with more than 500 million monthly active users as of April 2020, it’s clear that there’s a large audience to be tapped into.

What is

Put very simply, is a free web hosting service that allows anyone to create a professional-looking blog or website. also provides you with all the tools you need to edit and publish your content without needing to know any code. And did we mention that it’s fully featured and highly customizable?

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Let’s take a closer look at and why it might be a good fit for your needs.


Firstly, is a self-hosted network, which means you retain full control over your site’s content and appearance. This could be a big advantage if you’re looking for a completely original look or brand identity for your blog or website. Self-hosted networks also offer additional features and tools that you won’t find on, like e-commerce tools, security monitors, and backups. is also a fully functional web platform that supports modern day blogging. While the network launched in 2005, it has continued to evolve with the times and now offers all the essential tools a modern content creator needs. is also completely mobile-friendly, which means your content will look the same on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. And did we mention that it’s open source?

If you’re looking for a blogging platform that is well-established and has a large audience, then is the perfect choice. Not only do they offer a free web host and a ton of features, but they also have millions of users who are active every day. So, not only will your content be easily discoverable by your target audience, but it will also be heavily populated by people who are already interested in your niche.

What Features Does Offer?

When you sign up for, you get a free domain, free hosting, and a free blog template. You also get the option to pay for additional features like SSL/HTTPS support, e-mail delivery, or advanced analytics. But aside from those perks, you get a basic blogging platform with a few customization options. provides you with everything you need to get started, including customizable widgets, header and footer options, theme customization, and much more. In fact, the network’s website boasts that you can create an online business or blog in less than five minutes. 

As a completely free service, is a great choice for content creators who are looking for a cost-effective way to get their content seen by thousands of potential customers. They may also be interested in monetizing their content, using a service like affiliate marketing or selling and displaying ads.

Signing Up For Blogging on

To get started, all you need to do is simply click on the Get Started button on the network’s homepage. From there, you will be taken to the Get Started with WordPress screen, which asks you to pick a favorite blog template. You can then choose a domain for your blog or website and enter the email address where you will be notified when you’re live on the network. also provides you with useful tools to make posting and publishing easier. For instance, they give you the ability to schedule posts in the future, or to allow other users to respond to your content. Moreover, they offer a built-in RSS feed generator, which makes it easy to keep up with the latest news and information on your niche. or GoDaddy?

While is an ideal solution for beginners who are just getting started, for those who are seeking an all-in-one solution, GoDaddy is the clear choice. Not only do they offer an unlimited hosting plan, with features like free domain privacy, free backups, free emails, etc, but they also give you free domain privacy, free backups, and free spam removal if you use their services.

GoDaddy is also one of the most popular web hosting platforms in the world, and they’re a trusted name with more than 14 million domain names under management. With so much competition, it’s clear that they dedicate a lot of attention to keeping customers happy and secure, as evidenced by their excellent customer service scores. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your web hosting needs, then GoDaddy is quite possibly the best choice available. And if you have a penchant for getting things done online, then you can even register your domain through GoDaddy, and gain full ownership of your site without needing to worry about any hosting concerns. Or GoDaddy For Security?

If you’re looking for the best web host for security, then you might have to look beyond the free hosting tier. However, even after you fork over the cash for a premium plan, you aren’t getting the full experience. Instead, you get a stripped down version of the platform without all the extra security bells and whistles. 

That being said, GoDaddy offers additional security features that you won’t find on When you sign up for the premium plan, you get an authentic experience, which includes all the features found on the network’s premium plan. So if you’re looking for a fully featured web host with additional security measures, then GoDaddy is the clear choice. 

Is Right for You?

Ultimately, is a wonderful option for anyone seeking a robust blogging platform. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you’ll find everything you need to get started, and then some. And for those seeking a one-stop shop for all their web hosting needs, GoDaddy is the clear choice, as it provides you with an unlimited hosting plan with features like free domain privacy, free backups, and free spam removal.