How to Host a Comic Book on WordPress

It started as a simple tweet. A fan wanted to know if it was possible to host a comic book on WordPress. I replied that it was, and he followed through by linking me to his freshly-launched website, It was a simple enough question to answer, but it led me to take a closer look at the budding industry of webcomics, as well as the growing number of passionate readers that love them.

What is a webcomic?

Simply put, a webcomic is any comic book that is published online. Some define it as a comic that is posted regularly on the internet. Others use the term to describe any comic that is accessible through a web browser.

The difference between a traditional comic and a webcomic is that the former is designed to be read in a single sitting. In other words, you’re not really meant to come back for a second or third helping. On the other hand, a webcomic is usually broken up into smaller units. These are known as “chapters”, and can be read by anyone who visits the website that hosts them. Readers can click on a chapter to read it, or they can click on “continue reading” at the end of each chapter to move to the next.

Why Are People Embracing Webcomics?

If you ask me, the biggest reason people are embracing webcomics is because of the abundance of content that is available on the internet. It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for, whether you want to read the Go-Busters or the adventures of Thor, because the content is readily accessible through a simple web search.

In addition, the content is also relatively affordable. A single chapter of a webcomic usually costs nothing to read. If you want to purchase a collection of the content, you’ll need to pay only what you’d pay for a single chapter in a physical comic book. A digital copy of a webcomic is also usually cheaper than a physical copy. What’s not to love?

The Growth Of The Webcomic Industry

The growth of the webcomic industry is pretty staggering. In fact, it was so staggering that it literally caught the attention of the mainstream media. In early 2019, The New York Times reported that webcomics were one of the “biggest trends” on social media websites like Twitter and Instagram.

According to Comic Book Market Share, a website focused on the industry, webcomics had the highest increase in readership of any comic book genre between April 2018 and March 2019, increasing by 23.3% year over year. When compared to other comic book genres, web comics experienced the highest increase in readership between April 2018 and March 2019.

So what is responsible for the growth of the webcomic industry? First, it’s essential to understand that the internet has made it much easier for readers to find content that appeals to them. While it’s never been easier for readers to access content, it has also never been more difficult to find content that actually interests you. If you’re looking for content that is genuinely funny or that will genuinely engage you, it can be hard to find. However, once you do, you’ll discover that it’s not just one site, but an entire community of like-minded individuals that enjoy the content that you enjoy.

The Diversity of Webcomics

In addition to appealing to audiences of all ages, webcomics also appeal to people from a variety of backgrounds. According to Comic Book Market Share, over half of the content on the 50 biggest webcomics is classified as “diverse”. When you consider that the webcomic industry is still considered to be in its infancy, this figure is even more impressive.

Diverse content includes characters of color, transgender characters, characters with disabilities, lesbian, gay, and bisexual characters, among others. In other words, if you’re searching for content that will appeal to you, or that you think will interest your family and friends, you’ll most likely land on a website that is devoted to illustrating how diverse the comic book industry can be.

This aspect of webcomics is something that has drawn me in. As a black woman, I can identify with many of the characters on these websites. I love that these websites showcase characters that look like me. In addition, it’s great that these websites aim to educate their audiences about the comic book industry, and about various social issues. It’s clear that these websites are committed to providing their readers with a memorable experience, and as a result, their readers are much more engaged than they would be on a typical comic book website.

The Rise Of The Amateur

In his article “The Rise Of The Amateur”, comic book historian David Petersen states that the biggest growth sectors in the comic book industry are currently the “webcomic and mobile game industries”. In other words, the biggest growth sector in the industry is currently being driven by amateurs rather than professionals.

Petersen writes: “A new breed of creators is emerging, driven by passion rather than profit. These creators may not have the biggest name brands, but they have something more valuable – audience. Being able to connect with readers on a personal level is a quality that distinguishes a creator from a mere publisher.”

What does this mean for you as a reader? It means that you no longer have to settle for whatever content is made available to you by the companies that you normally turn to for comics. Instead, you can find content made by individuals that you might not normally encounter in your everyday life. In some cases, you might discover that these comics are so good that they transcend being online and become completely portable. In short, you can now bring a comic book with you wherever you go.

If you’re a fan of comic books or of laughing, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all of the necessary information you need to know about hosting your own comic book on WordPress.