How to Add a Houzz Badge to Your Website

Houzz is the #1 website for home stylists, architects, and designers. With millions of unique views per month, it’s no secret that this is where people come for interior inspiration.

It would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t add a Houzz badge to your site. What good is having a stunning-looking blog if you don’t share it with the world?

You can easily add a Houzz badge to your site by copying and pasting the HTML from their homepage. It’s as simple as that!

The Benefits Of Adding A Houzz Badge To Your Site

Adding a Houzz badge to your site will give you many benefits.

First, it will be obvious to your users that this is a highly curated site. The interior design website picks only the best of what the industry has to offer, and adds a bit of magic by making it accessible to everyone. By adding a Houzz badge, you’re telling the world that you share their values and that this is a site you’d want to recommend to your readers.

Second, having a badge on your site will raise your domain authority. As a reputable site, you’re already telling people that you’re an authoritative source on your industry. Adding a symbol of approval from a trustworthy brand like Houzz will make it even easier for the search engines to believe you.

Third, it will help bring in more traffic. When someone clicks on the badge, they’ll learn more about your site and what you have to offer. As a result, you can increase your conversion rates by knowing what to offer these visitors.

Above all else, adding a Houzz badge to your site will make you an easily accessible resource for your target audience. If you meet the criteria, you’ll find that plenty of people are actually looking for your particular services, and having a quick and easy way to learn about you will bring those people to your website.

To make it even more engaging, you can include videos, case studies, or infographics that will help educate your visitors about the issues you’re addressing. People love to learn, and when provided with the proper information, they’ll be able to make better decisions for themselves.

Adding A Houzz Badge To Your Site Is Easy

As previously mentioned, adding a Houzz badge to your site is simple. Simply copy and paste the HTML from their homepage and you’re done!

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