How to Tell Who\’s Hosting Your WordPress Website

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows for the creation of websites. It is frequently recommended for bloggers and online marketers who want to create a personal website or blog. The free version of WordPress allows for up to 5 websites. To create an unlimited number of websites, one must pay a small fee for a premium plan.

WordPress hosts hundreds of thousands of websites across the globe and continues to grow in popularity every day. Even if you don’t have a WordPress-powered website, you can still take advantage of the CMS and its advanced features.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to tell who is hosting your WordPress website so you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns. Keep reading for more information.

Look At Who\’s Linking To Your Site

One of the first things you should do before contacting the host of your WordPress website is to check out the websites that are linking to it. Once you have a small number of websites linking to your site, it will be much easier to reach out to the host and get some help if you need it.

You can use a website like Ahrefs to easily find the domains (websites) that are linking to your website. Simply enter your website\’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the “enter a domain” field and hit enter.

The resulting screen will show you the top 10 websites that are linking to your site. You can click on any of the shown websites to be taken to that specific blog post or article. If you see several websites link to a particular article or blog post, that means the content was arguably “successful” in terms of gaining back links.

You should try to get at least 100 websites to link to your content before considering yourself truly successful. The more backlinks you have, the better. Having hundreds of thousands of backlinks is incredibly powerful and can improve your SEO significantly (Search Engine Optimization).

Check Out The WordPress Hosting Agreement

Another important factor to consider when choosing a WordPress host is to make sure that they are a reputable company that is bound by contract to offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days. The WordPress hosting agreement is legally binding and requires the host to provide quality service and support for your website.

One should absolutely read the terms and conditions of the hosting agreement before signing up with any hosting provider. That being said, most reputable hosting companies will have a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of signing up. If you’re planning on using the free version of WordPress, you must remember that some hosts will limit the amount of website space you can have during the trial period. In that case, you should look for a reputable hosting provider that offers a standard package rather than a cheaper and more limited version of the service.

Look At The WordPress Version They Are Offering

WordPress is a constantly evolving software package and platform, and hosts continue to update their products to offer the latest versions. That said, the version of WordPress you will get from a given host may not be the latest and greatest. You should look for the version that is recommended for your specific needs and goals.

For example, if you are looking for a simple, lightweight blogging platform, then go with the most recent stable version of WordPress which is currently v5.0. If, however, you are looking to create a sophisticated eCommerce store or a multi-language website, then consider choosing a more legacy version of WordPress which is currently v4.9x.

Look At Their Support

No one is an island and, especially with the vast amount of information available online, it is often quite easy to find the answer to any question you may have. One of the main reasons behind the success of WordPress is the large number of reputable support forums and Q&A websites that were created for the platform. You can use these as resources for help if you run into any problems while using WordPress.

As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to choose a hosting company that is located in a high-quality, stable and renowned region. A reputable hosting company that is based in the United States, for example, will most likely be much better than a random hosting company from Russia or Bulgaria.

Look At Their Other Services

WordPress is a popular content management system and can be used to create a variety of websites. If you already use a different CMS (Content Management System) for your site, you should consider looking for a hosting company that offers other services you may need such as API integration, CDN (Content Delivery Network), or email marketing.

Check Out Their Reputation

When searching for a web host, you will come across several websites that contain reviews of the company. Be very careful when looking at reviews, as there are numerous scammers who will try to trick you into purchasing their services. It is advisable to use review websites like FiveStarHost or GoDaddy Reviews to get an idea of the general reputation of a given hosting company. If possible, it is advisable to contact the company directly and get more information from them about their services and how they can assist you.

Contact The Company Directly

With so much conflicting information online, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to contact the company directly through email or phone. This will ensure you get a proper and satisfactory response to your questions rather than waiting for someone else to reply on their behalf. Ensure you email them at the correct address and provide your contact details so they can get back to you promptly.

Depending on how large your website is, you may want to look for a web host that offers more than just web space and support. If you are looking to create a complete blog or website for yourself, it may be worthwhile to consider a web host that provides a one-click install of WordPress. This will make it much easier to get up and running with a new blog or website and ensure you never have to worry about setting up the platform manually.

Choose A Reputable Source

The last thing you want to do is choose a web host that is not as reputable as you’d like. If possible, try to find a source that is accredited by an independent entity such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This way, you can ensure you are getting a reliable and truthful response to your questions. Also, be sure to read customer reviews on sites like 5starhost to get an idea of how others value their services and whether or not they are satisfactory.

When choosing a web host, you should take your time and do thorough research. It is a good idea to look for multiple sources and review websites to get a better understanding of what is out there. Remember, you’re investing in a long-term relationship with your host and want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Once you have found a reputable and reliable web host, you can contact them directly to get the details about their services and how they can help you setup your website.