How to Add a Badge to Your WordPress Site

You may have heard of a badge – an online certification that you can earn for completing various training tasks, courses, or reading certain blogs. Brands like HubSpot, Inflection, and PagerDuty use badges to signal to consumers that they’ve created a trustworthy community. Your company may also use a badge to indicate that you’ve reached a certain milestone or gained a certain level of expertise. In this article, we’ll teach you how to add a badge to your WordPress site. Keep reading for more information.

Why Should I Add a Badge to My Site?

Badges can help drive traffic to your site. When users see other users have earned them, they may be more likely to trust your site. Additionally, you can integrate your badge into your site’s design to create a more seamless user experience. You may also choose to feature your badge on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to further promote your site.

How Do I Integrate My Badge Into My Site’s Design?

The easiest way to add a badge to your site is through WordPress’ built-in feature, the Add Badge button. When you click this button, you’ll see a list of badges available for your site. To add one of these badges, just click on the one you want and you’ll be taken to a page with all the information you need to complete the process.

You can also integrate your badge into your site’s design through simple, custom HTML. For example, you can create a badge that contains the URL of your site along with a logo for your company. When a user clicks on this badge, they will be taken directly to your site. You may choose to display this badge on your site’s home page or throughout the content on your site. You can also display the badge on your social media platforms to drive more traffic to your site.

With all these options, you can’t go wrong. Just remember to add value to your site, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Do I Need a Badge For My Site?

No, you don’t need a badge for your site. You can use the Add Badge button to add one of the many badges available for use with WordPress. Just remember that you don’t need to add a badge to your site to use it. You can simply choose to display it on your site by adding custom HTML or using one of the many WordPress plugins available to do the same. A lot of work goes into creating a high-quality website, and it’s worth the time and effort. Plus, it’s always nice to earn a little extra recognition for all that hard work!

How Do I Get My Badge?

Once you’ve added your badge to your site’s Add Badge page, all you have to do is check it off when you’ve earned it. To check off a badge, click on the checkbox adjacent to it and it will turn green. You can also click on the Edit button to change the information about a badge if you made an error in adding it or if it’s currently showing up as unchecked.

If you made an error in adding a badge or if this is your first time adding one to your site, you’ll see a pop-up message when you click on the checkbox. Just click Continue to go back to your site’s Add Badge page and try again.

Where Can I Display My Badge?

You can add a badge to your site’s header, footer, or sidebar. Just remember that the header is the area at the top of your browser window while the footer is the area at the very bottom of your browser window. The sidebar, which appears on the right-hand side of your screen, is located between the header and footer. You can use the Add Badge button to add a badge to your header, footer, or sidebar. To see examples of how others have integrated their badge into their site’s design, visit the Add Badge page for their sites. Simply click on the Examples tab to view their designs.

Do I Need To Specify How Many Badges I’ve Earned?

No, you don’t need to specify how many badges you’ve earned. When you click on the Add Badge button, you’ll see a pop-up message asking you to enter the number of badges you’ve earned. Simply enter your badge count and click Continue. You can also add as many badges as you want to your site’s Add Badge page by using the plus sign located next to the Add Badge button. For example, if you’ve previously held a leadership position at a company, you may see this badge:

If you’ve previously held a marketing position at a company, you may see this badge:

If you’ve previously held an operations position at a company, you may see this badge:

Once you’ve added your badges, be sure to hit the Save Changes button to save your work. Then, visit the site’s Dashboard to make sure everything is displaying correctly. If everything is, then great! You can now start adding content to your site.