How to Add an Email Address to Your Website on WordPress That Becomes a Link?

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business using digital marketing, you’ve landed on the right page. You’ll discover several ways in which you can use email addresses that lead to your website to drive more traffic and build a community around your brand. You’ll also discover practical tips on how to convert that traffic into paying customers. Along the way, you’ll discover some amazing resources that can help you succeed.

Make A List Of Website Addresses You Already Have

The first step to adding an email address to your website is knowing what one you have. In reality, you have several email addresses associated with your domain name that you can use. The first one is, which is the email address you used to register your domain name. You can use this address to send email to customers, as it’s tied directly to your brand.

Another address you may have is, which is an email address associated with your account at a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal. Alternatively, you can use the email address you used to set up your PayPal account, as that is most likely the one you use.

To find out more about the various email addresses associated with your domain name, you can use the Whois tool at You’ll need to register for a free account to use this tool.)

Why Should You Add An Email Address To Your Website?

If you create a form on your website that customers can use to contact you, you can encourage them to provide their email address. This is practical because you can then add the email address they provide to a list of other contacts you have.

Why should you do this? First, you can give them a dedicated email address that you control. This way, if they ever need to contact you about a customer service issue, you’ll be the first address they think of.

Second, you can encourage them to provide their email address so you can send them relevant content. For example, if you are an eCommerce store owner, you could send them email notifications when they log in or when a product they purchased is restocked. You can use a tool like MailChimp to do this. (You can also use the email address you provided to sign up for a free account on Whois to get the same functionality.)

How Do You Want To Use The Email Addresses On Your Website?

Once you have a list of email addresses you want to use, you can start to think about how you want to use them. Do you want to create a form on your website that takes them to a landing page where you can capture their email address? Do you want to send them to a different website where you can encourage them to make a purchase?

The important thing to keep in mind is that you want to do something with the email addresses. You’re not just providing a contact form because they’re useful. Otherwise, you could just provide a contact form without telling them what to do with the information you provide.

Where Should You Put The Email Address?

There are several places on your website that you can put the email address. The first one is the least effective but the one that gets displayed the most. At the very top of your website, just below your header, you can put an area with an email address. This is useful because it’s the first place a potential customer will see when they come to your site. However, if you put the email address in the header, it will only be visible to website visitors.

Another option is to put the email address in the footer of your website. This is the section of the page that displays content at the end, and it’s usually a disclaimer or advertisement. As a result, it only displays on the pages that need it, and it’s easy for a customer to miss if they’re not looking for it. Still, the footer is a good place to put the email address because it’s usually the last place a customer reads before making a purchase. As a result, you’ll get the opportunity to offer them value and encourage them to make a purchase.

Make Sure The Email Address Is Working

Once you have the email address on your website, the last thing you want to do is send emails to junk or undeliverable addresses. Fortunately, you can use a tool like GetResponse to validate email addresses before you use them. This way, you can be sure you’re sending the email to the right place and that someone will actually read it and act on it.

Another way to ensure that the email address you have is valid is to use a free tool like Google Translate to translate it into other languages. If you want to send emails to customers in other countries, this is a good way to check if the address is valid in those countries as well.

Add The Email Address To Your Database

The most effective way to make sure you have the right email address is to add it to your database. You can do this by creating a new column in your contacts table called ’email’. When you receive an email from a customer, you’ll store the address in this table. Then, when you send out email notifications or follow up with customers, you’ll have the contact information readily available.

Is The Email Address Public?

If your site gets a decent amount of traffic, the email address you have may already be public. In reality, if someone decided to publish the email address, it would be considered public information and anyone could potentially have access to it. When you put the email address in the open, the world can easily find it. For that reason, you should hide it when you don’t want it to be found.

If you want to hide the email address you have on your website, the simplest way to do so is to utilize css (CSS) to hide it from the public. Simply go to your website and look for the class or id that contains the email address. Then, add the following CSS code to your stylesheet:

As a result, the email address you want to hide will no longer be publicly displayed on your site. Now, when a customer visits your site, they’ll only see the header and footer content.

However, if you want to make sure that the email address you have is not publicly displayed, you can use a service like No Public To View to block it from being found online.

How Do You Want To Use The Email Addresses On Your Website?

There are several possibilities for how you can use the email addresses you have. The first step is to determine why you want to use them and how you intend to make the most of them. Then, you can decide how exactly you want to use them. There are multiple options for how you can make the most of these email addresses, and it’s up to you to figure out which one is right for your business.