How to Put Google Consumer Survey on a Self Hosted WordPress Website

Do you have a self-hosted WordPress website? If so, you can use this article to learn how to put Google Consumer Survey on your site.

You may have heard of Google Consumer Survey, formerly known as My Business Network. This tool allows users to take surveys regarding their favorite brands and products. In exchange, participants get rewards that typically include discounts, coupons, and free stuff!

Since its inception, Google Consumer Survey has been a popular choice for online survey takers, as it offers a variety of ways for users to complete their research anonymously. And since surveys often include sensitive information about users’ purchase habits and opinions, privacy is a big concern for many online survey takers.

Thankfully, Google Consumer Survey now offers a solution to this privacy concern. As part of its GDPR compliance, Google has decided to relax its rules regarding customer data and allow survey creators to host their own customer surveys on their own servers. With this new policy, Google Consumer Survey allows you to put the survey on your site and remain 100% anonymous.

Set Up the Survey

As a Google Consumer Survey administrator, you have the ability to create custom surveys and distribute them to your audience. To get started, visit [] and click on the Get Started button in the upper right corner.

You will then be redirected to the homepage where you can choose your language and region before being taken to the dashboard.

From here, you can begin creating your survey. You can use the form fields on the right to do this. Alternatively, you can click on the + icon and use the Google Form editor to quickly create a survey. Once you have completed your survey, you can click on the Publish button in the top right corner of the dashboard. Your survey will then be live on the Google Domain.

Use the Survey On Your Site

As a Google Consumer Survey administrator, you now have the ability to put your survey on your site. To do this, simply click on the My Site button in the top right corner of the dashboard. You can then visit your site’s URL in a new tab or window.

A screen will then pop up where you can copy the HTML for your self-hosted survey. To begin, simply paste this code onto your site’s HTML page. You can then click on the Done button to continue.

Secure The Survey

Once your survey is live on your site, you can then begin focusing on its security. Google Consumer Survey uses a simple but effective two-step verification process for account holders to prevent unauthorized users from taking the survey and/or reading the answers. First, users must enter a valid email address in the form field above the login button. Second, users must click on a confirmation link that is sent to the email address they just supplied.

This process helps ensure that only people who have been given access to your Google account can take the survey and/or read the answers. Additionally, you can limit the surveys that an individual can take by going into their profile and blocking them from taking certain types of surveys. Doing this is simple; just click on the Edit button beside the blocked type of survey. This action will then bring you to an info page where you can see all the blocked surveys for that user. You can then unblock any of these surveys from appearing on your site.

Track Response To The Survey

As a Google Consumer Survey administrator, you can also track the response to your survey. To do this, simply log into your account and click on the Settings button in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Once you are inside your Settings page, you can see all the survey responses that have been submitted. You can then click on any of these responses to take you to a new screen that will display that survey taker’s responses to your questions.

You can also choose to get notifications via email or text message when new survey responses are submitted. This feature is a great way to keep track of what your audience is saying about your brand or product – without having to constantly check the website for new content!

Use The Data

Google Consumer Survey offers a variety of ways for you to extract and use the data it collects. First, you can look at the demographics of your survey participants to better understand your audience. Additionally, you can use the survey data to your advantage by sending out targeted marketing messages to your audience. For example, if you notice that women between the ages of 25 and 34 are more likely to purchase your product or service, you can use this information to send out coupons or discounts to this group.

Moreover, if you notice that your survey respondents have an average age of X and 75% are men, you can then use this information to create a piece of content that will appeal to men in this age group. You can then target your audience with this content using online platforms like Facebook and Google Ads to increase the odds of them visiting your site.

You can also use Google Consumer Survey to track the behavior of your audience. Simply log into your account and click on the Settings button in the top right corner of the dashboard. Once inside your Settings page, click on the Analytics tab and choose the button that will let you view your site’s traffic. You can then use the View Report button to track the behavior of your respondents on a daily basis.

To learn more, visit [] and click on the Resources button in the upper right corner of the page.