How to Find out if a Website is a WordPress Site

The web is a vast place, and keeping track of what’s what can be a real pain. Especially when you’re new to blogging or using your own website, it’s easy to get lost amongst all the different URLs and styles. If you want to know if a website is a WordPress site or not, you can use a few simple tools to find out.

Is it Mobile-Friendly?

Just because a site is digital doesn’t mean it’s only accessed through a smartphone. People have been using desktops and laptop computers for much longer than we’ve had access to mobile phones, so it’s natural that they would prefer to access a website from their computer. However, as technology becomes more advanced, people are getting used to using their phones for everything. If you visit a site on your mobile phone and it’s not designed for mobile use, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look as good as it would on a computer. This can make it really frustrating for visitors, so it’s worth checking out the mobile compatibility of a site before you put too much effort into it.

Does it Have a Custom 404 Error Page?

A 404 error page is shown when a page can’t be found on your site. Usually, this happens because the URL or the page’s name is mistyped, or there’s a server malfunction causing the page to disappear. When visitors encounter a 404 page, the first thing that will pop up in their heads is that your site isn’t what it claims to be, and that they’ve somehow landed on an affiliate page or a site that promotes adult products.

To prevent this, you can create a custom 404 page that will display a more suitable message. Think of a scenario where you have a typo in the URL, or the link goes to a dead page. With a custom 404 page, you can pull up a quick message indicating what happened and directing the visitor to the correct page. You can also use the opportunity to promote your own products or affiliate products that are tied to the content on that page.

The message on your custom 404 page doesn’t have to be complicated; keep it short and sweet. You should also try to keep the design of the page simple and uncluttered. The less design decisions you have to make on a page, the better it will behave.

Does the Theme Feel Fresh & Modern?

WordPress themes are used to create the appearance of a website. Themes are essentially packages of pre-designed content, including fonts, images, and layouts. When you activate a theme on your site, you’re giving the content on that page the appearance of being part of a larger whole. This means that even though the content may be individual blog posts, they will still appear to be part of a curated blog on your site.

The best themes enhance the content on a page through user interaction. For example, when you hover over an image on a page, the theme will reveal hidden text or a linked video to provide more information. The information revealed through user interaction makes the content feel more tangible and gives an illusion of depth.

Does the Template Feel Expressive & Creative?

A WordPress template is the ‘skin’ that a theme is embedded in. A template gives your blog or website a polished, professional look. When selecting a theme, make sure that it has a template that you can customize to fit your needs.

To make your site look unique, you should select a template that has a creative, editorial look. The best themes have a fully customizable front end that allows you to completely change the appearance of your site. This is important because it gives you the opportunity to fully express your creative side without having to worry about the underlying code.

Does the Design Feel Stunning & Sophisticated?

When it comes to the overall design of a website, the look and feel of the site can greatly impact its appeal and usability. If you’re not a professional designer, it’s a good idea to hire one to give the appearance of a professional product.

To create a stunning design, you should go for a minimalist look with simple but stylish fonts. For more information, check out these 10 Best Free Minimalist Web Fonts

Is the Content Catered To A Specialty Sector?

While the overall look and feel of a site can greatly influence its appeal, the content that is placed on a page will determine how useful it is to the user. If the content is useful and relevant to the person reading it, they will be much more likely to continue exploring the site.

If the content is specifically catered to a particular sector, such as law or finance, for example, and you are not in one of these sectors, you may have great difficulty in relating to the content. As a general rule, if you are not a professional in a particular field, you should not offer advice on that topic. If you decide that you want to provide advice, then make sure that your credentials are clearly stated.

These six points will help you determine if a web page is a WordPress site or not. Keep in mind that a website’s appearance and usability can be completely changed through the use of a custom template and a few design plugins. In addition, you can use the available tools to track the inbound traffic and sales of your affiliate links to see if they are performing as expected.