How Much Will It Cost to Buy a Website From WordPress?

For those of you looking to purchase a fully functional, popular and secure WordPress website with a shopping cart, this post is for you. In it, we’ll discuss how expensive the process can be and what you should expect. Keep reading for the best price breakdown.

The Low Down

While building a WordPress website isn’t difficult, owning one can be quite the opposite. Not only do you need to find the time to actively maintain the site, but you also need to keep up with the maintenance costs. These costs can be anything from hosting to custom WordPress widgets and plug-ins, among other things. So if you’re looking to purchase a WordPress site, make sure you’re prepared for the additional costs that come with ownership.

The Expensive Details

To start off, the most costly step is actually acquiring the domain name. For those of you who don’t own domain, buying one can cost you hundreds of dollars. If you do own domain, be sure to purchase the premium version as these are more affordable. Once you’ve acquired your domain name, the next step is setting up the hosting. This is where you’ll need to decide whether you want to go with free or premium hosting. Premium hosting is where you want to be, as it gives you the flexibility to install any WordPress theme you like and makes upgrades easier. The next step is choosing a WordPress installation package. There are several to choose from, but if you have a specific theme in mind, it’s best to go with the one that comes with it. Additionally, you might want to consider an extended warranty as a kind of insurance policy in case something goes wrong with your site.

Total Cost:

To calculate how much it will cost you to purchase a fully functional website with a shopping cart from WordPress, simply add up all the costs listed above. Most likely, this won’t be a cheap process, as you’ll need to spend a couple hundred dollars or more, depending on the plan you choose and what else you add on. Keep in mind that all these costs will be billed to your credit card on file, so make sure you have one ready. Finally, don’t forget about the time it’ll take to set up the site once you’ve purchased it, as this is also something to consider. Most likely, this will be around a week or more, so be sure to account for this in your timeline.

Total Estimated Cost:

If you’ve decided that owning a WordPress site is the right choice for you and your business, you can use the above information to get a rough idea of how much it will cost you. Of course, this is just an estimate and the final price will depend on several other factors, such as the design of the site and how much traffic it gets. When it comes to determining a final price, it is always a good idea to contact the vendor directly to get an idea of what the price per month is, as this can be more accurate than just going by the cost estimate.

Consider All The Options

While we’ve discussed the various costs associated with owning a WordPress site, it’s important to remember that not all of these are bad. For example, you might want to consider purchasing a WordPress email marketing tool like MailChimp or AWeber. These tools will help you manage and engage your audience with ease. Additionally, you could look into purchasing a mobile-ready WordPress template, which makes the site more accessible on different devices. With a little planning and research, you can find the right solution for your needs. Remember, though, that as a WordPress user, you’re always free to choose your hosting company and install the plugins you need without having to worry about costs.

WordPress Is The Standard

If you’ve decided that owning a website is the right choice for your business, it’s important to note that WordPress is the standard. This is the platform that billions of websites are built on and it’s what hundreds of thousands of developers use to build their sites. Additionally, since WordPress is open source, it’s constantly evolving and improving. This makes it much more powerful than other platforms and gives you the flexibility to make changes as needed. If you’re curious about whether or not WordPress is the best choice for your business, simply ask Google. You’ll get an answer in no time.

To wrap things up, let’s discuss the prices for some of the more popular and fully functional WordPress sites. Keep in mind that these prices vary per year, so they aren’t necessarily a good representation of what it will cost you money wise. To start things off, we have Google itself, which is the most popular search engine and, as a result, one of the most expensive to purchase. The second and third places on our list are the New York Times and the Washington Post respectively. These two websites are considered to be among the most influential media content websites in the world and they’re also two of the most expensive ones. The next two places on our list are HubSpot and Medium. These are business-oriented websites that focus on marketing, communication and productivity. Last but not least, we have Shopify, which is the one-stop-shop for all things related to eCommerce. This site is extremely popular and it powers thousands of websites and stores across the globe. With so much popularity, it’s no wonder the cost to purchase this service is high. Don’t forget about SEO Cliché, which is short for Search Engine Optimization and this is a set of tactics and guidelines that makes your website easier to find on search engines like Google.