How to Add a jQuery Menu to Your WordPress Site

You need a quick way to add a bit of jQuery magic to your WordPress siteĀ ? Whether you’re looking for a simple menu or a complex mega-menu, the jQuery Mobile Menu plugin makes adding a menu to your WordPress site dead simple.

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to easily add a jQuery menu to your WordPress site with the jQuery Mobile Menu plugin.

Simple Menu with jQuery Mobile Menu

This is the simplest and, at the same time, the most useful of the jQuery Mobile Menu plugins. When you load this plugin, you’ll see a simple contextual menu appear next to each post or page.

This plugin provides the ability to add a link or a menu directly from your post or page content into a dropdown menu. When a visitor clicks on this link or menu, they’ll be taken to a different page or website. At the same time, this simple menu offers a ton of options, letting you choose what would fit your needs best.

Complex Menu with jQuery Mobile Menu Plus

This plugin takes the simplicity of the Simple Menu jQuery Mobile Menu plugin and upped its ante with some additional features. When you load this plugin, you’ll see a series of nested dropdown menus, similar to those found on a smartphone. This is a great choice for people who want to add a bit more complexity to their menu system or for those who want to add a top-level menu.

This plugin makes it really easy to create mega-menus with many layers, each one offering a different set of options. You can choose the depth of the menu you want to create (ranging from 1 to 10 levels deep) and decide whether you want to show sub-menus or not (for a total of 14 options to choose from).

One of the great things about this plugin is that it takes care of all the ajax requests for you, easing the load especially on high traffic sites.

jQuery Mobile Menu (Android and iOS only)

This plugin works only on mobile devices and doesn’t work at all on desktop browsers. This is a great option if you’re looking to add a jQuery menu to your site for mobile visitors and want to keep the design of your site as clean as possible.

On mobile devices, this plugin automatically detects when a link or menu is clicked and makes an ajax request to load a new page or open a new window. So, instead of clicking on a menu item to see the dropdown menu, you’ll see an animation with your desired option highlighted. This is a great alternative if you want your site to look as clean as possible.

How to Add a jQuery Menu to Your WordPress Site

Whether you choose the Simple or Complex plugins, adding a jQuery menu to your WordPress site is a cinch. First, you’ll need to install them both using WP-Admin. Then, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Menus. Next, click on Create Menu to launch the WordPress menu creation screen.

Here, you can upload a logo and color scheme for your new menu and type in a short description for the menu. When you’re finished, click on Save Menu to bring you back to the WordPress dashboard. You should now see your new menu on the right side of your screen. Congratulations!

From here, you can click on the item you want from your menu to see how it looks or you can click on the Edit Menu button to make changes to your menu.

More Information

You can find all the necessary information regarding how to add a jQuery menu to your WordPress site by checking out the documentation for the plugin on its GitHub page. As noted in the preceding section, the documentation for this plugin is located on its GitHub page. From there, you can access all the necessary information you need to get started using this plugin.