How to Add Facebook and Twitter Buttons to Your WordPress Website

You can add social media buttons to your website in a hurry with these simple plugins. You’ll just have to enter a short description of your website (such as “Piano lessons for beginners,” “Product reviews for luxury goods,” or “Homes for sale!”) and the plugin will do the rest. The buttons will appear on your site with the name and link to the relevant social media network.

AddThis Buttons

AddThis is a popular plugin that adds various share buttons to your site. When someone shares one of your articles or likes a photo on your Facebook page, they’ll be directed to your site to read the article or view the photo. If you’d like, you can display your social media sharing buttons on your site using the AddThis widget tool.

To add these buttons to your site, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, visit the AddThis plugin page and click the “Install Now” button to download the plugin to your computer. Next, return to your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugins button in the toolbar to open the plugin directory. You can now click on the “AddThis” icon to install the plugin. Finally, navigate to the “Settings” tab of the AddThis widget and enter a short description of your site in the “Content” field. You can also upload a small image to represent your site in the “Icon” field.

Social Media Buttons for WordPress

This plugin automatically assembles and configures a set of social media buttons for your site. The most prominent feature of this plugin is that it creates a widget that you can drag and drop onto your site’s sidebar to display your social media buttons. If you or a visitor clicks on a social media button while visiting your site, they’ll be directed to the relevant social media network to connect with you or your website.


These plugins are completely free to use with your WordPress website. However, the developers of the plugins do receive a commission from the sale of the plugin.