How to Add Your Books to Your WordPress.COM Website is a web platform that allows anyone to create a professional-looking blog or website. Launched in 2007, it became one of the most popular choices for bloggers when Blogger was bought out by Google in 2014. It still has a large following in the community and is often the choice of businesses looking to create online stores or brands to focus on.

The Benefits Of Adding Books To Your Website

There are a number of significant benefits to adding books to your website. They include:

  • boosting conversions. A study showed that having books on your site can increase your website traffic by 66%
  • improving engagement. Having interesting, well-written books on your site can help customers stay engaged for a longer period of time
  • expanding your customer base. Having books on your website allows you to draw in more casual readers who might be interested in your topic but wouldn’t normally visit a blog

How To Add Books To Your WordPress.COM Website

Adding books to your website is easy. Simply go to the dashboard and click on the Books tab. You’ll see a list of various books and authors, along with their tags and social media handles. You can click on any of the books to see their detailed information.

Once you’ve found a book you’d like to add to your website, you can click on the “Add To My Site” button to have it uploaded to your account.

Thanks for reading! We hope this was an informative guide. If you’ve got any questions about how to add books to your site, please feel free to leave us a note in the comments below! And for more helpful tips and tricks about growing your blog, be sure to check out our Blogger Basics guide and the Blogger Pro guide. They’ll help you get up and running as a blogger in no time.