How to Change the Footer on a WordPress Website

You might be wondering how to change the footer on your WordPress website. Is there a plug-in or some easy to follow instructions?

The footer is the part of the webpage that appears at the bottom. It contains copyright information, links to social media accounts, and often includes an about us or contact section. Changing the footer on a WordPress website is very easy. In this tutorial, we will show you how.

The Most Popular Method for Changing the Footer

The most popular method for changing the footer of a website is with a plug-in. WordPress offers many different plug-ins to help you change the way your footer looks. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

The Contact Form 7 Plugin

The contact form 7 plugin allows you to add contact forms to your WordPress website. The contact form 7 plugin automatically generates a footer for the form. You can configure the footer with any text or HTML that you want. The plugin also offers many different design options for the footer, including a custom logo in the corner.

With the contact form 7 plugin, you can use a range of fonts, styles, colors, and images to build your footer.

The WPForms Plugin

The wpforms plugin is another popular solution for adding contact forms to your WordPress website. The contact forms are displayed at the bottom of each page, and include an optional, automated email message. The footer can be customized with a variety of styling options, including background images, color, and font choice.

The WPForms plugin also integrates with WordPress’ built-in email service to send your leads and customers directly to their inboxes.

The Google Maps API Plugin

With the google maps api plugin, you can easily integrate Google Maps into your website. When a visitor clicks on a location, a small window will open up with more information about the place. You can also link directly to a site like Yelp or Wikipedia for more details about the location you are marketing.

The google maps api plugin comes with an easy to use drag and drop form builder that will help you create your own contact forms, or integrate Google Maps into your website without using a plugin.

The Local Plugin

The local plugin allows you to add Google Maps and a search bar to the contact page of your site. When a visitor searches for a location on the map, details about the business will appear below the map. The search bar can be displayed above or below the map, depending on how you want to organize your content.

This plugin is a great choice for real estate websites because it includes a map and search bar with the contact information. You can also use this plugin to add a map and search bar to your blog or personal website. You can get the local plugin from the WordPress repository.

The TwentyEleven Plugin

The twenty eleven plugin is an easy to use and incredibly popular solution for adding a minimalistic style to your WordPress website. The twenty eleven plugin automatically generates a footer with a logo, copyright notice, and a link to the site’s social media accounts.

Choosing a different font, size, and color for your footer is very easy with the twenty eleven plugin. You can even add a QR code or a website link to the footer if you want to add another link to your site.

The Fancy Footer Plugin

The fancy footer plugin is very similar to the twenty eleven plugin, but it comes with much more style. You can choose from dozens of skins, fonts, and colors to customize your footer. The fancy footer plugin also supports multiple languages and countries, so you can easily add a localized touch to your website.

You can use the fancy footer plugin on your personal blog or website to add a classy touch to your content. For something more subtle, you can use the plugin on your corporate site to add a professional polish to your website’s design.

How to Customize the Footer on a WordPress Website

WordPress offers many different methods for inserting a custom footer into your site. You can use a plug-in, a shortcode, or you can use the Theme My Contact page feature to add a contact form to your site. We will discuss the last option below.

The Theme My Contact Page Feature

Each WordPress website comes with a built-in contact page that the platform uses to send the site’s email addresses to. You can use the theme my contact page feature to easily add a contact form to the footer of your site. Just go to your website’s dashboard, and to the left of the screen you will see a little envelope icon. If you click on that, you will see a drop down menu with the option to add a contact form.

When a visitor submits their email, it will be redirected to a form handler email address that you provide. You can also set up a contact form to capture a visitor’s details, and have the option to email them or have the form handler email them directly.

You can choose a template for your contact form, customize it with a variety of fields, and even add an image to the field’s background.

WordPress provides many different solutions for adding a footer to your website. The plugin directory is a great place to start if you are looking for a solution. You can also search the WordPress repository for other plugins that can help you with your project.