How to Create a New WordPress Website on Hosting with Motion

If you’re looking for a no-frills, yet highly effective way to launch your own online store, you’ve probably considered the self-hosted WordPress option. While there are many benefits to this content-sharing platform, nothing says “I want to create my own website, but don’t have the money or time to build it myself” like the WordPress self-hosted option. Fortunately, Motion is here to help with the build process. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a new WordPress website on their hosting service.

What is WordPress Hosting with Motion?

For those unfamiliar, WordPress Hosting with Motion is a premium WordPress hosting service that was designed with convenience in mind. The service provides a one-click import of a WordPress website, as well as free backups, free domain privacy, free migrations, and a free weekly newsletter with tips on how to improve your site’s performance.

WordPress Hosting with Motion also offers a special deal for new customers: $2.95 per month for the first year (with free backups, free domain privacy, and a free week of expert advice via email)

Why Should You Use This Service?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to building a brand new website from scratch, you’re going to need all the help you can get regardless of whether you’re using WordPress or another content-sharing platform. That’s why we recommend you use WordPress Hosting with Motion if you want to save time and money (and want to ensure your content is safe and accessible whenever needed). Besides, the site offers many additional benefits that we’ll touch upon later.

What Is The Best WordPress Host For Production?

Like most other services, WordPress Hosting with Motion provides a one-click install for WordPress, as well as the ability to import content from a live site (e.g., you can import content from your social media accounts). However, when it comes to hosting, the $2.95/mo. offer from WordPress Hosting with Motion is hard to beat. Not only do you get the best price/quality for a WordPress hosting plan, you also get access to a team of experts that are available to help you should you need it.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using WordPress Hosting With Motion?

As we mentioned above, WordPress Hosting with Motion is a premium WordPress hosting service that offers a number of benefits for its users. Some of the main benefits of using WordPress Hosting with Motion include:

  • Convenience: One click to import a fully functioning WordPress site
  • Security: The service is hosted in a secure data center, and uses industry standard security measures (e.g., TLS encryption, secured connection)
  • Scalability: The service is highly scalable and can accommodate any type of site
  • Reliability: The service is backed up by high-quality, U.S.-based web servers, which are monitored by specialists
  • Performance: The service is optimized for speed and performance
  • Additional Features: The service offers a variety of additional features that you can activate using a simple one-click installer. These include free backups, free domain privacy, free weekly updates, etc.

How To Create A New WordPress Website On Hosting with Motion

Now that you understand what WordPress Hosting with Motion is and why you should use it, you’re probably wondering how to create a new WordPress website on the service. Let’s get to it.

The first step is to sign up for the service. Once you’ve established an account, you’ll be able to import your WordPress site from a live host (if you have one) or from a local folder (if you don’t). If you choose the latter, make sure you have a backup plan in place (e.g., save the blog to GitHub or Bitbucket).

After you’ve imported your content, you can activate the service’s additional features using a simple one-click installer. (Note: You must be logged in to access these features). Once you’ve activated the additional features, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a premium WordPress host without the hefty price tag.

Building A New Blog

Now that you have a functioning WordPress website, it’s time to build out your blog. There are many different ways to do this, but we suggest you follow this detailed tutorial on how to build a fully functioning WordPress blog.

The tutorial walks you through the steps necessary to install a WordPress blog on Hosting with Motion, as well as the steps used to build out your blog’s contents. Along the way, you’ll learn HTML, CSS, and a variety of other necessary skills that you need to know to properly code a blog. When done, you’ll end up with a fully functioning WordPress blog that you can use to share your content with the world.

Ensure you review the Terms of Service before you begin using WordPress Hosting with Motion. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to focus on building out your blog.