How to Do a Secure E-Commerce Website Using WordPress

It is fair to say that without a secure e-commerce website, you are losing out on a significant amount of business. This is because consumers are more than likely to purchase online if they feel the purchase is safe and confidential. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are unfamiliar with the concept of a secure website, and this can make them susceptible to cyber-attacks.

What Is A Secure E-Commerce Website?

A secure e-commerce website is one that is equipped with the appropriate security measures in place to protect customer information from being accessed by malicious parties. Before delving into the specific details, let’s discuss what these measures typically entail.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that was originally designed to protect consumer information as it passed between a customer’s computer and a website or an online store.

An SSL certificate can be installed on a website easily and for free with the help of a reputable security company like Let’s Encrypt. When an SSL certificate is present, all user data—including credit card information—is encrypted as it passes between a customer’s computer and a website or online store.

HSTS (Hypertext Strict Transport Security)

Also known as HTTP Strict Transport Security, HSTS is a feature that was introduced in 2018 as a way to further secure web traffic. This feature operates on top of an SSL certificate to further encrypt all data that is transmitted to and from a website.

When enabled, HSTS forces all web browsers to connect to a site using SSL, or alternatively, another encryption protocol. This ensures that all data is encrypted while it is being transferred across the network, protecting the confidentiality of user information.

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is an open standard for authorization that was built on top of HTTP to allow for the creation of secure connections between customers and websites.

A website that has implemented OAuth 2.0 and has integrated with popular social media platforms can take advantage of this standard to better enable their users to access their account information from any device.

Proprietary And Advantages

When choosing an e-commerce platform, it’s important to consider whether you want something that’s completely free or a premium product that costs money. There are various advantages to each.

  • Proprietary: If you decide to go with a proprietary e-commerce platform, you are giving up the opportunity to customize the product.
  • Advantages: If you decide to go with a premium product that costs money, you will gain the ability to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts that are only available through the website.
  • Reliability: Proprietary platforms usually have a good track record of being reliable and stable.
  • Scalability: If you decide to go with a proprietary e-commerce platform, you gain the opportunity to easily expand your service to other countries and regions.


WordPress is a content management system that was built to be both flexible and simple to use. This is why it is so popular among bloggers and small businesses who want to create a simple website.

WordPress is free, and it is open source. These are two important points to keep in mind if you decide to use this platform. As a result, it has a large potential user base, and this is one of the reasons why it is being widely adopted by business owners who want to create a secure e-commerce store.

Simple To Use

WordPress makes creating a website very simple. You can literally just type in the content that you want, and you will have an online store that functions just like any other e-commerce store. Not so complicated, right?

WordPress is very popular because it is simple to use and anybody can easily get up and running. With that being said, it is still a good idea to consult with an expert, even if you are just getting started. This is because beginners often make basic errors that an expert can easily correct. For example, if you are just getting started, it is not a good idea to install WordPress yourself as it will likely be infected with malicious software.

Secure By Default

WordPress ships with a number of security features out of the box. These features help protect your content from being accessed by unauthorized users and assist in verifying the identity of registered users.

WordPress comes pre-installed with a login page where users can register and login to access protected content. In addition, users who attempt to tamper with or upload content that is not meant for public consumption will be greeted with a warning message.

Database Of Goods And Services

One of the more unique features of WordPress is its built-in shopping cart. This allows for the collection of customer data that can be stored in a database for reference. When a customer makes a purchase, this data can be accessed through a special link that is presented to the user once their order is shipped.

WordPress allows for users to create their own private stores where they can upload products for sale. These products are then made available to all customers who visit the website.

WordPress’s built-in private stores are very secure. In addition to all the features that we’ve discussed thus far, WordPress also protects users’ identities through two-factor authentication. This means that customers have to input their password along with a one-time-use code that is sent to their phone.

A Marketplace For Third-Party Products

WordPress’s built-in e-commerce platform makes it very easy for businesses to sell their products online through the website. This is a great option for businesses who want to increase their revenue but don’t have the time to build and manage an e-commerce store themselves.

WordPress’s e-commerce platform allows for businesses to use their own shop banners, store logos, and color schemes to represent their brand. In addition, they can choose to display product images from their own websites or social media channels. This makes it easy for potential customers to find and connect with their brands online.

Manage Product Images And Videos

Finally, it is important to note that WordPress makes it very easy to upload and manage images and videos for product listings and tutorials. This is because all product images and videos are pulled automatically from the websites and social media accounts that are linked to the store. As a result, product images can be duplicated freely across platforms without any need for further work.

If you want to take your business online, but you don’t have the time to build and manage a secure e-commerce website, WordPress is a good choice. Not only does it provide you with everything that you need to get up and running, but it also protects your content and customer details securely out of the box.