How to Find WordPress on a2 Hosting

In today’s digital world, blogging is a popular way to express yourself and gain popularity. However, maintaining a decent-sized blog can be difficult and expensive. Luckily, you can get a quality blog up and running on a2 Hosting for less than $5 per month with WordPress.

Whether you’re a professional blogger who need a high-quality place to store and process your content, or you just want to create a personal blog for fun, here’s how you can get started with WordPress on a2 Hosting.

Pick A Username

If you already have a blog or website, then you can use its existing name as your WordPress username. If not, then you can choose from hundreds of pre-made usernames to use for your new WordPress installation. Many hosting companies will give you free domain names and install the WordPress software for you. However, if you’d like to have your own unique web address, then you can buy a $5 one-year domain from any major DNS provider. This will install the WordPress software for you and provide you with a free 1-click installer to get started with a clean WordPress install.

Choose A Password

Since your WordPress username will be the account holder for your blog or website, you’ll need to choose a secure password. It should be a combination of alphanumeric characters (at least 8 characters) with at least 2 of those characters being numbers or letters. If you forget your password, then you can use the recover password functionality built into WordPress to reset it. Simply visit this page, fill out the form, and click on the “Recover Password” button.

While you’re here, you can also practice security by creating a login for users who don’t need access to your main account details. This way, even if someone gets access to your blog or website’s username and password, they won’t be able to access your main account on the server. For more information on password security, visit this page in the WordPress documentation.

Install WordPress

After you’ve created your unique username and password, you can use the 1-click installer from WordPress to install the software on your hosting account. Visit this page in the documentation to learn more.

With WordPress installed, you can continue adding content to your blog or website and begin creating pages to organize your content. You can also use the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to easily build a basic website with a few words and phrases.

If you need assistance, the WordPress documentation provides helpful guides for new users. If you’re stuck, you can also contact the WordPress support team at any time via email.

Create Sub-Accounts For Your Major Blogging Platforms

As a premium WordPress hosting customer, you’re entitled to access to all the major blogging platforms through your WordPress installation. Once you’ve created your WordPress account, you can use this account to create other accounts for the other major blogging platforms. For example, if you have a passion for travel blogging, then you can create an account on Blogger. Once you’ve created the Blogger account, you can use it to access and manage your travel blog or website.

You can create as many sub-accounts as you need for each blogging platform, and you can switch between them whenever you want using the Accounts menu in the WordPress dashboard. This way, you can continue blogging on one platform while keeping the others updated with the things they need to know.

Get A Dedicated IP For Free

One of the biggest roadblocks to creating a successful blog or website is ensuring the security of your content. When you have a physical blog or website (i.e., one that’s stored on a server), then ensuring the security of that content can be as difficult as keeping your house secure from burglars. That’s why most hosting companies provide you with a dedicated IP address when you purchase a hosting plan. A dedicated IP address is a unique IP address that is exclusively assigned to your blog or website and cannot be accessed by any other website or blog on the Internet. A dedicated IP is absolutely necessary if you want to ensure the security of your content.

With a dedicated IP, the security of your content is greatly simplified. You don’t have to worry about hackers trying to access your web server via the Internet to disrupt your content. Instead, they’ll need access to your laptop or desktop PC to get at your web server and any other device you use to access the Internet. As long as you keep all of your personal laptops and desktops locked away and out of reach of any unauthorized persons, then you can rest assured that your content will be safe.

To get started with a dedicated IP on your a2 Hosting account, visit this page in the documentation.

Make Sure You Use A VPN To Access Online Services

Aside from ensuring the security of your content, you also need to make sure that when you use public Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling, you aren’t exposing your personal information to prying eyes. To do this, you can use a VPN (virtual privacy network) to encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your IP address. You can get a VPN for your phone or tablet so that you can use the app while traveling and avoid worrying about security issues. Doing this will also allow you to access private VPN servers to get around restrictions and gain access to content that others couldn’t see.

If you regularly use public Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling, then it’s necessary to use a VPN to ensure your data remains private. You can also buy a VPN for your laptop or desktop computer so that you can use one of the many apps available for download. Some popular VPNs with a good reputation include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • AVA
  • Private Internet Connection (PIC)
  • LogicPort
  • IPVanish

Keep in mind that some VPNs can limit the amount of data you can download while connected to their servers. If you have a budget in mind, then consider the price of the VPN in addition to the price of the plan you’re using. Always look for discounts if you’re planning on making a long-term investment in a VPN.

Make Sure Your Blog Or Website Is Mobile-Friendly

As modern life becomes more digital, people are searching for ways to read content on the go. That’s why many blog or website platforms have adjusted their designs to be more mobile-friendly. Make sure that your blog or website is using the correct codes and is designed for mobile usage. Some of the common issues that can arise if you’re not mobile-friendly include:

  • Tiny text sizes that are hard to read on mobile phones
  • Designers not following Google’s guidelines for making a better user experience on mobile devices
  • Tables that are hard to navigate on mobile phones
  • Photos that are too large
  • No short-cut to get to the main content
  • No tablet-optimized designs

If you’re looking for a free way to create a basic blog or website for yourself or family, then consider the above information before you make your decision. A2 Hosting has thousands of customers who rely on the reliability of their services, so if you’re looking for a free solution, then it’s something to consider.