How to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Issue

It’s very frustrating to face the WordPress login redirect loop issue. Thankfully, there’s a fix that’s easy to follow. In this post, we’ve discussed three easy ways to resolve the issue related to WordPress login redirect loop.

Here’s how.

This issue happens when you enter the correct login credentials but WordPress is redirecting you to the wp-admin page. There can be many reasons behind it but the solutions are three: deactivate plugins and themes, restore .htaccess file, and remove browser cache and cookies. Prior to these, create a backup of your website first.

Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop

Remove Browser Cache and Cookies

WordPress employs cookies for session management and user authentication. Furthermore, it activates caching so that your website becomes faster while loading.

The catch is that these cache and cookies can put your website into the WordPress login redirect loop, when it uses outdated cache and cookies. You can fix this error by clearing up this data.

Google Chrome

  • Navigate to the three-dot menu and click History
  • Select Clear browsing data
  • Click on the checkbox next to these options, Cookies and Cached images
  • Select All time
  • Click Clear data

Mozilla Firefox

  • Navigate to the hamburger button and click Options > Privacy & Security
  • Click Cookies and Site Data
  • Select Clear data
  • Click on the checkbox next to these options, Cookies and Cached Web Content
  • Select Clear


  • Open Preferences Privacy
  • Click Remove All Website Databutton
  • Select Remove Now

Microsoft Edge

  • Navigate to the three-dot menu and click History
  • Click Clear history
  • Click on the checkbox next to these options, Cookies and Cached Web Content
  • Select Clear

Restore the Default .htaccess file

Sometimes, the issue appears due to a corrupted .htaccess file. You only need to replace this corrupted file with the right one. Here’s how:

  • Use an FTP and navigate to your WordPress site’s root folder i.e. Alternatively, you can use the File Manager in your hosting server
  • Access the .htaccess file and delete it
  • Create a new .htaccess file

Deactivate Plugins and Themes

Another common reason behind this issue is corrupted or conflicting plugins. This is what you need to disable to fix the WordPress login redirect loop issue. Here’s how.

  • Use a File Manager or an FTP and open your website’s wp-content directory
  • Disable all the plugins by renaming them. If your WordPress login redirect loop issue gets fixed by this action, it confirms that you had a faulty plugin. You need to find the specific culprit
  • Enter the original name of the plugin folder again
  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and login to your website
  • Open Plugins > Installed Plugins
  • Re-enable all the plugins
  • Log out from your website
  • Open your File Manager again

Access the plugins directory, and deactivate a plugin and log in to your website to see if this one is the culprit. You can do the same with the themes to see which one is the culprit. Once you know the real cause, you can delete it to fix the WordPress login redirect loop issue.

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