How To Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

Facing RSS feed issue on WordPress? Here’s a tutorial to help you resolve this issue and help your viewers get updates about your content.

The RSS feed of your website make it easy for subscribed users to access your website’s content and everything related to it through a news reader app. RSS feeds use XML language and even a small error can ruin the script. Not only will your reader fail to receive new content but other associated apps getting information (e.g. for social sharing) from your RSS feed will also stop working for your website. In this case, the purpose of your website’s RSS feed will be defeated.

Although wrong syntax is the most common reason for users experiencing RSS feed on their WP website, you also must be sure that you’re using a compatible RSS client that your web browser supports.

However, if you have edited the functions.php file of your theme recently, then it is most likely that the RSS feed is posing problems because of wrong formatting.

Let’s find out how you can fix this.

How To Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

To make corrections to the wrong format that caused errors in your WP’s RSS feed, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Head to Appearance in the left pane
  • Click Editor
  • Click Theme to open your functions.php file
  • Review the codes in it

[Note: We suggest removing the line break or extra space after the closing php tag (if any) in this file. However, you need not have a closing php tag here, in the first place.]

Save your file and refresh WordPress to see if your website’s RSS feed issue is resolved.

Other Steps to Take for Fixing the RSS Feed Error

  1. You need to disable any RSS feed related plugins to make sure there’s no faulty plugin behind the problem. In case you’re confused about which plugin it could be, deactivate all the plugins and see if the error is gone now. If the RSS feed is working well then enable each plugin one by one to analyze which plugin was your culprit.
  2. In case it is not a plugin related issue, we recommend using an RSS Repair plugin to troubleshoot your WordPress issue. Check out the reliability of the plugin and install it if found to be trusted.’
  3. If these things fail, you can also do another trick. Switch to the default theme Doing so will reset all the codes that you applied to the feed. If your RSS feed issue is fixed now, you need to contact the developer of the theme that was causing you the problem.

Whichever way you try, the first thing is to confirm that you’re using a supported RSS client on your web browser. Only then can you view the feed and make sure you don’t receive a WordPress RSS feed error.

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