How to Fix Your Website Stuck in WordPress Maintenance Mode

WordPress is smooth until you get stuck in those annoying errors that won’t seem to vanish. Don’t worry; it happens with other CMS platforms too. However, the specific issue with your website stuck in WordPress maintenance mode is exclusive to WordPress only. Needless to say, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to resolve this error.

We got you covered.

In this post, we discuss an easy and proven method to fix this issue and pull back your WordPress website from its maintenance mode. Before the fix, let us help you know why your WordPress is facing this issue.

Causes of WordPress Getting Stuck in Maintenance Mode

As a default system, WordPress runs a maintenance mode to automatically update its themes, plugins, and software from the dashboard of WordPress. When this happens, WordPress shows a message in its interface to let the user know what the update is.

Usually, the message turns from “maintenance mode” to “working site” in a couple of minutes which is why a user doesn’t even realize that the website was in the maintenance mode.

Sometimes, however, users experience trouble due to the website getting stuck in the maintenance mode. It happens sue to various reasons:

  • When you try to automatically update too many themes and plugins simultaneously
  • When you accidently closed your internet browser while an update was going on
  • A compatibility problem caused the issue

Some or all of these things can cause your WordPress stuck in the maintenance mode. As a result, you see a message like this:

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

So, if you’re seeing this error on your WordPress screen, you need this method to fix the issue.

Fix Your Website Stuck In WordPress Maintenance Mode

When the issue appears, your WordPress creates a file with the name “.maintenance”. This file is settled in the root folder of your website with other files named: wp-admin folder and wp-config.php

To resolve this problem, you need to delete this file by connecting to your server using FTP. When you access your site using FTP, navigate to the root folder and find the “.maintenance” file. Once you get it, delete the file.

When the file is removed, you can check back your file to see if it is working normal. It is also recommended to clear the cache of this file on your website.

If this issue wasn’t created by the compatibility reason, you can upgrade your website to the latest version. It will ensure your website has no bugs and issues in the future.

Although the issue is easy to resolve this way, you need to get ensured that it doesn’t re-occur in the future. You can prevent it from happening again by doing these things:

  1. Make sure Themes/Plugins are Compatible

Installing compatible themes or plugins ensure that there will be less technical conflicts on your website. You can check the compatibility o your installed themes and plugins right on the dashboard.

  1. Avoid Updating Multiple Plugins Simultaneously

Updating all your themes and plugins at once make sure that there is no hang or lag in the website. Otherwise, it will become heavy and starts lagging.

You can keep your WordPress website in a good shape by making sure all the themes and plugins are updated one by one.

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