How to Get Gallery From Instagram Into WordPress Elementor Website

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms around currently, with over a billion active monthly users. The application allows users to share all kinds of content, from simple stories to professionally shot videos. While the latter might require more effort, the former simply takes a few seconds to load into the app.

The wide array of content available on Instagram means there’s plenty of inspiration to be found for designers and bloggers who want to integrate the platform into their websites. One of the best practices for doing this is through the use of a slideshow. Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows users to add pictures to their stories through a gallery. Although the feature is optional, it’s likely that many users will choose to use it simply to keep track of all the content they’ve shared on the platform.

Why Use A Slideshow On Your Website?

A slideshow allows for easy navigation through a series of images without having to manually go through them one by one. If you’ve ever shopped on eBay, you’ll be familiar with how a slider or a carousel works: they’re very much alike and perform the same function. A slideshow allows for easier navigation through big pictures and videos, especially if you want to display them on a large scale.

A slideshow can also be used to display content that is either too large or too high-quality to comfortably fit on a standard blog post. Take the case of TikTok for example: the video platform can display videos as long as there’s enough room on the screen, meaning there’s no hard limit on the length of a single video. This is great for marketers and content creators who want to put a creative spin on their videos.

Best Practices For Adding Instagram Galleries To Websites

Whether you decide to integrate your Instagram gallery on your website through a traditional slideshow or a more creative medium, the key fundamentals remain the same. Make sure that the images you choose for your Instagram gallery are of a high quality and that they fit the theme and style of your website. Here are a few best practices that will help you get the most from your Instagram gallery on your site.

1. Align With The Audience

Instagram is a place where people come to get inspiration for their personal life and for their projects. If you want to inspire readers of your site to take an action or to complete a task, consider using the the platform to showcase your work. Your goal as a business or creative blog is to inform and entertain, so ensure that the content you share on Instagram aligns with this goal.

On the other hand, if you want to inform and entertain through the use of stories, consider using the platform for this purpose as well. You can still use the hashtag #story to find and follow the best stories on the platform at any given time. Consider using the platform to follow and connect with other content creators as well so that you can access a wealth of relevant content.

2. Post At The Right Time.

Like with many other social media platforms, the key to effectively using Instagram is to post at the right time. This means that you should consider the best time to post based on your target audience’s geographical location and the times they are most likely to be online. The best time to post for Instagram users in the U.S. is around noon, while Europeans and Asian users might find that the early morning hours are the best times for posting. Consider using Google Trends to research the best times to post for your target audience.

3. Measure The Success Of Your Instagram Experiment.

Instagram doesn’t provide specific metrics for measuring the success of your account, but with over a billion users, it’s fairly safe to assume that somebody is tracking this information. If you want to accurately assess the effectiveness of your Instagram gallery and decide whether or not to continue with the platform, consider using tools like Google Analytics to track the results of your experiment. With this information, you can establish a baseline performance figure for comparison purposes in the future.

4. Test Different Formats.

Instagram allows for a variety of different formats for content, from standard videos to interactive stories that allow for viewers to leave comments. While the former is easy to set up and might even be good for reaching a larger audience, interactive stories provide a better experience for the user. This could be because graphic animations and other interactive features make an otherwise simple video come to life through the use of interesting and immersive content.

5. Keep Content Fresh.

Instagram users regularly share content that is either new or that they think will be of interest to their audience. To keep your content relevant to readers, you should post frequently to provide fresh content. With enough motivation and inspiration, even the most devoted Instagram users will find themselves posting only occasionally just to keep up with the content that is constantly being shared. With thousands of users uploading content every day, it is essential that you provide new and interesting content constantly if you want to succeed on the platform. Consider using a tool like Hootsuite to automatically schedule and post content on your behalf, ensuring that you always have fresh content to share.

How To Get Instagram Galleries Into WordPress Elementor

Instagram’s slideshow feature makes adding a gallery to your blog post very easy. Simply navigate to the post you want to enhance with a gallery and click the button to add the slideshow. A popup will then appear, allowing you to select images from your Instagram feed to be featured in the slideshow.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can add more content or delete content as required. To add more content, simply click the icon in the upper right corner of the slideshow.

Once your Instagram feed is uploaded to your WordPress site, you can begin to add more subtle details like a caption and a description above the photos.

To keep a consistent and familiar visual style throughout your website, it is a recommended practice to use a WordPress theme that comes with a gallery display already set up. You can find a list of some of the best WordPress themes available, grouped by the type of layout they provide, at ThemeForest.

To integrate your Instagram gallery into an existing WordPress theme, you must first download the theme’s source code to your computer. You can then open up a WordPress dashboard and click the setting icon at the top right corner to enter the theme’s options page. From here, you can choose between single posts and pages, as well as toggle the display of posts in various ways (i.e. thumbnail, medium, or large).

Once you’ve entered the theme’s settings, you can upload your Instagram gallery either by clicking the box at the top of the page or by navigating to the Media page in your WordPress dashboard and clicking the Add New button.

Now that you have your Instagram gallery set up on your WordPress site, you can begin to style it with the various components that make up a beautiful and appealing slideshow. You can choose from a variety of beautiful slide show themes at